Chapter 27—Chasing the Truth

Monday, November 24, 2014

Good morning, Everyone and Happy Monday to you all.

I’m just sitting here thinking about all the many gifts I have to be thankful for and how much I love this time of year. The time of “thanks-giving!”

As a matter of fact today is even more special than I can even tell ya’!! I have two children—a daughter and son, in that order. Today is my son’s birthday.  At 12:56pm this afternoon, he will be 42…Man!!! It’s so hard to believe, yet true! He has many fine qualities too: has a loving & kind heart, waaaay funny, good-looking (yet not too conceited about it, haha), loving husband,  awesome daddy of two of my five grandbabies, loves to laugh,  a logical health-nut, a Marine veteran, ONE proud American, and was fortunate enough to get the sweetest girl in the world to marry him!! As I write this description of him however, the one thing I’m so absolutely grateful for above all the rest, is the fact that my only son, is also an awesome lover—of GOD!!  The peace which comes with that knowledge is incomparable. So today, I thank him for that and praise him for the choices he has made in how he lives his gift of Life…in the Lord. Happy Birthday to my awesome son!!! YAY, YOU!!


Chapter 26 —Chasing the Truth

“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”                                                       —James A. Garfield, twentieth US president

Excerpts and Thoughts:

As she explained it, once I heard the tape and fully understood what had happened to That Melvin Bray, I had begun to hyperventilate and had literally passed out from emotional and mental overload.

As I slowly made my way back from the old well scene of my distant childhood memory, I accepted the notion that I wasn’t dreaming, nor had I entered an altered dream state. It was real. That was a good thing, though, because for the first time in over thirty-five years, my mind and heart were in unison about the truth of what I had witnessed that dreary day so long ago.

Once again, my mind began to uncontrollably race, and my heart started beating like a thousand tom-toms! Lizzy gently grasped my hand and said softly, “Maggs, tell me what you’re thinking, dear.”

I was nearing the mental danger zone once again, but her thoughtful touch stabilized me. I settled down, and we began to discuss what my recollections meant. I thought I was having a total mental and emotional breakdown, but she convinced me it was in fact a breakthrough. I was encouraged by her outlook as she emphatically stated, “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable!”

After a lengthy heart-to-heart conversation, I was quite comfortable with the fact that I was not a murderer. I hadn’t killed That Melvin Bray —or anyone else, for that matter, with the exception of me, myself, and I, who had suffered a collective self-imposed, slow death for so long.

The revelation was even more comforting because it eased emotions I had surrounding an awful recurring dream I’d had for years. The scenes were never the same, but in every single one of the dreams, I killed someone. I was unable to see a face, so I never knew the victim. I was always deeply saddened in the dreams that I had taken another human life. The dreams were really frightening because I could actually see myself performing awful cruel acts, causing another human being terrible pain until the person breathed his last breath. I always had the feeling, though, that I had no other choice; it was either him or me—like legal murder. What an oxymoron. I would always wake up sobbing, and I’d feel a deep sadness in my heart all day long. Now that was some seriously twisted stuff, because I knew I would never, ever, never commit such a cruelty to even my worst enemy, and I was pretty sure I didn’t even have a worst enemy.

Lizzy explained how that nightmare was part of the known/unknown dilemma I had been harboring in my subconscious, over the years, it had manifested itself into a mountain of sorrow and guilt within me, and that sorrow was what she had started picking up on over the past few years when we got together. I guess the smarter she got, the sicker I became. She assured me I would never have that nightmare again.

Lizzy also helped me to come to the conclusion that what happened that day at the well just happened—just the way it happened. Period! End of scary, known/unknown memory, but not end of story.


Okay, if Maggie didn’t do it, who did?! Whatever happened to That Melvin Bray? Is Lizzy telling Maggie everything Maggie confessed to while under the good doctor’s hypnotic spell?

(PS  Hey, you do know that you’re never gonna know the answer here, right?  I can’t give the whole story away here on my blog. So, if ya haven’t read the book, just purchase it and read it:)

Next week, Chapter 28 —Bittersweet Tears

“Hope is definitely not the same as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.” —Vaclav Havel, Czech playwright

Until next week, I pray for you and yours to have a most blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!!

Love,                                                                                                                                                            Margaret

“Your WORST day with GOD will be better than your BEST day without Him.”

Believe JESUS—He’s our Everything!!

“Those who leave everything in GOD’s hands will eventually see GOD’s hands in everything.”





6 thoughts on “Chapter 27—Chasing the Truth

  1. Mia Bering

    These were some awesome, inspiring, and thoughtful words you shared today. Thank you for your clarity and introspection in this chapter excerpt and afterthoughts.
    Loved this weeks blog!!!

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hello there, my dear sweet Marilyn!!

      Thanks for the lovely Birthday Wish – I’m delighted to pass it into my son!! And I’M sending YOU a Wish too:

      Wishing YOU & your wonderful family much Love, Laughter, Fellowship and a yummy Thanksgiving Dinner!!


  2. K.K.

    Thanksgiving…a time for family, friends, savory food and wine…and most importantly, a time to give “thanks to god” for our many blessings!! Margaret, blessings to you and yours this special holiday!!!



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