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The Art of Forgiveness

Monday, January 26, 2015

Welcome to my Blog, you awesome followers of mine!!

Today represents my first BLOG in thirty-one weeks, without “Excerpts & Thoughts” from my book That Melvin Bray. You wonderful followers have made this year SO worth getting up on Mondays, that I have to say a special “THANK YOU” for being with me all those weeks while I “read” my book with you. Seriously—THANK YOU, YOU ROCK!!

From this point on, each week, I’ll just blog on topics I feel will be of interest and some value to you. By now, I’m sure you know, I’m never at a loss for words…however, it is important to me that I share information with you which causes one to think and hopefully, will touch your heart in some inspirational way.

So here’s a scenario for you to think about—an “Angel Story”…

While in the post office this morning, I saw this African American guy bent over on one leg, clutching the top of two large boxes, with his chin tucked in, as if he were trying to catch his breath, or worse— having a heart attack!

I darted from the counter area and stood over him. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m just praying,” he said, without even looking up at me.

I quipped, “Well, I’m here to answer,” still observing him from above.

He then looked up from the ground, finally seeing me, an old lady with white hair.

He just stood there, jaw hanging open, eyes like saucers, mesmerized, staring at me.

“Are you an angel?” he sincerely asked.

I did not have the heart to go with it.

I just laughed and said unto him, “No”.

He laughed too.

I then parted the sea of cars in the parking lot and drove through

to the promised land.


As I read this little story it caused me to consider the fact that angels do, in fact, walk among us. They’re heavenly messengers from GOD sent here to Earth on a mission from God. They’re able to come into our world, walk as humans and do as humans. We won’t see wings on these angels, but they’re still angels. GOD sends them to Earth to help us in times of need.

“Remember to welcome strangers, because some who have done so have entertained angels without knowing it.” —Hebrews 13:2

The focus of my first novel, That Melvin Bray, as many of you know, is forgiveness. In addition though, there’s a whole lot of angel activity going on in there, as well…so, when I received the little “Angel Story” above, I wanted to share it with you today, mainly because Angels are simply AWESOME, and the mere thought of being one is just heavenly wild—to say the very least!!

Let’s think about forgiveness today, also —

“Traditionally the work of the heart begins with forgiveness. Forgiveness is the necessary ground for any healing. To begin with, we need a wise understanding of forgiveness. Then we can learn how it  is practiced, how we may forgive both ourselves and others.

Forgiveness is letting go of past suffering and betrayal, a release of the burden of pain and hate that we carry. Forgiveness honors the heart’s greatest dignity. Whenever we are lost, it brings us back to the ground of love. With forgiveness we become unwilling to attack or wish harm to another. Whenever we forgive, we free ourselves from the past.

It is hard to imagine a world without forgiveness. Without forgiveness, life would be unbearable. Without forgiveness our lives are chained, forced to carry the sufferings of the past and repeat them with no release.

Forgiveness does not happen quickly. For great injustice, coming to forgiveness may include a long process of grief, outrage, sadness, loss and pain. True forgiveness does not paper over what has happened in a superficial way. It is not a misguided effort to surpass or ignore our pain. It cannot be hurried. It is a deep process, repeated over and over in our heart, that honors the grief and betrayal, and in its own time, ripens into the freedom to truly forgive.

Forgiveness does not forget, nor does it condone the past. Forgiveness sees wisely. It willingly acknowledges what is unjust, harmful, and wrong. It bravely recognizes the sufferings of the past, and understands the conditions that brought them about. There is strength to forgiveness. When we forgive, we can also say, “Never again will I allow these things to happen. We may resolve to never again permit such harm to come to ourselves or another.

Forgiveness does not mean that we have to continue to relate to those who have done us harm. In some cases the best practice may be to end our connection, to never speak to or be with a harmful person again. Sometimes in the process of forgiveness a person who hurt or betrayed us, may wish to make amends, but even this  does not require us to put ourselves in the way of further harm. In the end, forgiveness simply means never putting another person out of our heart.”  —Jack Kornfield

Personally, I can relate to these words of wisdom from the renowned Mr. Kornfield above, because it took me almost a life time to forgive my father. This in-depth description of forgiveness is one of the most profound and helpful pieces I’ve ever read on the subject.

My prayer for you today is that if you’re “striving” instead of “thriving” in this gift of Life of yours here on Earth, it may just be that you’re carrying some heavy stuff you need to unload. In my case, it was so heavy, for so long, that I almost lost my reason for living.

WAKE UP and start living!! Try FORGIVING—It’s a Life-Changer!!

Go now and have a fabulous week! Do your best and be an inspiration to someone…Anyone!!

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!!

I love you,


“To err is human, to forgive, divine.” —Alexander Pope

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was YOU.” —Louis B. Smedes

“I have decided to love…hate is too great a burden to bear.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thanks, Gregg Dasher (, for my “Angel Story.” 



Chapter 30—Shedding the Cloak on the Road to Forgiveness

Monday, January 19, 2015

I dedicate today’s Blog to a darling Friend who was invited to a glorious party in Heaven last week: You will be missed, my darling Joan McFatter Brower, and thought of daily!! I love you. Hallelujah for you, Joan!!

WOW, what a beautiful Monday it is!! Atlanta is just beaming with warmth and sunshine!! So WHY on earth am I sitting here at this desk working away at this computer?!! ONE reason—YOU!! Let’s face it…I love my Monday Blog time and truly enjoy sharing and visiting with you all; I treasure it.

Today is really special though, because this is the last Chapter (Chapter 30), that I’ll be sharing excepts with you from my novel That Melvin Bray. This marks the thirtieth week that I’ve shared thoughts and excerpts from the book with you, in hopes of bringing some degree of interest and joy to you through my story. As I’ve told you on a few previous occasions, there’s a lot going on in this book on several levels of consciousness and I tried not to disclose too much each week, for those of you who may not have read it yet. I hope I’ll end my comments today with that thought and goal still in tact, and if you still haven’t read my book, then my hope is that I’ve peaked your interest enough over these last thirty weeks, that you’ll be motivated to purchase it and read it for yourself…


Excerpts and Thoughts from—That Melvin Bray

Chapter 30—Shedding the Cloak on the Road to Forgiveness “It is freeing to become aware that we don’t have to be victims of our past and can learn new ways of responding. But there is a step beyond this recognition … it is the step of forgiveness. Forgiveness is love practiced among people who love poorly. It sets us free without wanting anything in return.” —Henri J. M. Nouwen, Catholic priest, author

“There as plain as day was That Melvin Bray’s hat—at least portions of the fabric. On one large two-by-two-inch piece, the now-infamous embroidered W hat he had worn from time to time at my house, and the same one he had on in my sketch of him standing at Ricky’s bus stop the fateful Friday afternoon when Ricky disappeared.

I looked up at Lizzy and nodded. My mind was racing, and my heart was trying to catch up, when Todd jumped into my head, asking me what I thought it was. Dr. Bernie and Alf asked us if we would kindly return to our chairs until further notice, and of course, we did. When we got back to the front of the tent and sat down, Todd poked his head in through the tent opening, carrying the file Lizzy and I had prepared for him.

Well, there’s no doubt in my mind the photos match. It’s the same person all right, and I’m in agreement with you, Maggie. What you identified over there at the table are the decayed remnants of his hat, the very hat in this photo. Lizzy and I sat there in a stunned state of mixed emotions, but we mostly felt relief, pride, and even joy. We were certain it was only a matter of time before we had the evidence to prove the answer to that thirty-five year old haunting and lingering question: What happened to That Melvin Bray?

This discovery was a lot to grasp, and it was more than a little hard to breathe. We’d had no idea that we’d have a backstage pass to this process and information. The up-close-and-personal view was a little tough to witness. Of course, Lizzy could handle anything; if asked she’d tell people she had a PhD in perfection. I, on the other hand, was a horse of a different color. I was into colors, primarily ones that were vibrant, alive, bright, ‘n’ beautiful; dark brown dirt and death were not on my color palette.

As I think back on that day out there under the big top, I realize we had my mother, Lizzy’s mother, and Grandma Bubbee all standing beside us, propping us up, for our own good sakes. Thank you, angels.

It had to be every bit of six o’clock—so I decided to phone Aunt Lucy and make plans with her for the day, as we’d promised. Naturally she was up and on her second cup of coffee. First, she calmly asked me where we were and if we were all right. I assured her we were just fine. Then she asked me what we wanted for breakfast, and I told her to surprise us. She was delighted we were coming, not to mention anxious to hear the final outcome of the terribly sad thirty-five year-old mystery. She made me promise to be there by 9:30 and plan to spend the night with her. I promised her we would. As I was hanging up the phone, Lizzy poked her head in with a hearty “Good morning, dearest—Who was that on the phone?”

We arrived at Aunt Lucy’s with not a minute to spare. We pulled into the driveway, and I was overcome with my own wonderful feelings as I took in all the fond memories of that big, beautiful yellow house and what it stood for in my life and the lives of my darling siblings—and Lizzy’s too, of course. We were home. We jumped outta the car and raced up to the front door. We immediately started pounding on the front door: “We’re home Aunt Lucy. Let us in, weeoooo. Let us in weeeeeooooo.”

The front door opened, and there stood our other mother—the awesome, wise ‘n’ wonderful Aunt Lucy! The smile on her face was filled with that unconditional love of hers, and we couldn’t have loved her back any more than we did in that very moment. We all burst into tears of joy and laughter. Aunt Lucy took us by the hands and pulled us into the foyer, and we made a little circle and danced around the room, experiencing the joy of being together again. As we were twirlin’ around, deliriously happy in our little circle of love, I realized we weren’t alone. The spacious foyer quickly filled with all my siblings: Lu, Ali, Lee, Paddy, Lainey, Fay, and Mae. It was quite a reunion. Well, I had told Aunt Lucy to surprise us. Our little circle of love got much bigger as they all joined in, and we must have danced around ten minutes before Aunt Lucy broke the circle first, leading us into the dining room for another one of her famous “Breakfast of Chilltons.”That woman could sure cook good food good, like nobody’s business!

We all sat down and joined hands, and naturally, Aunt Lucy started our reunion with a gracious prayer of thanks for our many blessings and God’s grace, love and forgiveness, with a special reference to both the Lawrence and Bray families. This was the first time we had all been together, Lizzy included, since Christmas over five years ago. There were many tears, but there was much laughter too. As we were all bringing the family up to date on what had occurred in our specific lives over the past five years, we realized that the events of the past five years didn’t even come close to what had just happened in the past three days in our little ole Grace Chapel. And in just a few more days, our little town was going to be “on the map” like never before!

Thirty-five years had gone by since Aunt Lucy and we Chillton kids had seen That Melvin Bray. As Lizzy and I recapped the past several days for them, they were all saddened for That Melvin Bray and his family, but at the same time, they couldn’t help but be intrigued as they listened to the story unfold. Since everyone except Mae knew That Melvin Bray, this part of the story was certainly of particular interest to each of them. That part about Ricky, though, was just plain sad. None of us knew him, but we all sure did hurt for him.

“Children, sometimes a man meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. I think that’s what happened to Melvin Bray when he took…”


Well, hallelujah, I’ve done what I set out to do. I’ve relived my entire story, yet once more, for all of you. Granted, I’ve yet to be able to recount this past of many, without tears, but it is what it is.  My hope, is that based on what I’ve shared with you over these past thirty weeks, is that you will be inspired to read the book and know the rest of the story.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: GOD is Good! GOD is Great!! Have a week like no other, and remember: With God, all things are possible. —Matthew 19:26

I love you all,                                                                                                                                 Margaret

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. — Proverbs 4:23


Trust in the GOD who raises the dead. —2 Corinthians 1:9

In honor of Martin Luther King Day today, let’s all remember his thoughts on this:

” Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”

Chapter 29— I Love You The Most (Part 5)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Good morning, my friends!!

What a great weekend it was!! Waaaaay cold here in Atlanta, and even worse in many other parts of the country, but still, so much to be thankful for…as we are brought back to a horrific reality, when we are awakened to the horrors of those who want to harm us, as in the recent senseless and dreadful Paris shootings.  All of this hatred in the name of “religion”. It just boggles the mind and takes me to a spiritual place that is so difficult to comprehend. We are truly in a world of hurt in the most painful ways, and we don’t even want to think about—but we must. Pray for our Country and our Allies and may GOD have mercy on us all. Amen!!

As I mentioned last week, we have actually almost finished excerpts and thoughts from my book, That Melvin Bray. There are thirty (30) chapters and we have only one and a half left as of today and I’ll finish the final excerpts from Chapter 29. This chapter, by design, is very long, which has forced me to discuss it here in five parts, making sure I didn’t give too much away to those of you who have not read the book, but still trying to present the “flavor” of the book and it’s characters.


Excerpts and Thoughts from—That Melvin Bray

“Hope for a great sea change, on the far side of revenge. Believe that a further shore, is reachable from here. Believe in miracles, and cures and healing wells.”

—Seamus Heaney, Irish poet and Nobel Prize recipient 

Chapter 29 – I Love You The Most – (Part Five)

Once we landed, Lizzy took on her normal “I’m in charge” role and proceeded to make things happen. We went straight to the rental car counter, got the keys, and went back to baggage and had the porter follow us to the car with our bags. We drove to the hotel and checked in.

Dinner came, and we both fussed over it with little enthusiasm; then I showered while she pulled out some of the reports that Todd had faxed her that afternoon at the office before we’d left. I willingly went on to bed, leaving her to her comfortable world of the psychological human mind.  At least we weren’t talking about my mind anymore.

Strangely, as I lay there, exhausted in that comfortable bed, my thoughts were rambling all over the place. Good night, Dr. Benis,MD, and thanks for taking me and my subconscious back to that old well, with me kickin’ and screamin’ all the way. The realization that I hadn’t killed anybody had truly given me a new lease on life. And finally, with that awareness, I was able to logically consider the present situation we were in. Lizzy, on the other hand, had the presence of a logical mind even when she was sleeping probably.  Oh well, I’ve said it before, ‘n’ I’ll say it again: we all have our strengths.  

“Maggs, hit the deck! It’s showtime; get up!” 

“Hey, is it even daylight yet?”

“Almost—get up!”

“Shoot, last night was so short that I didn’t even have time to dream! I’m up already; go away!”

We were dressed, packed, checked out, and in the rental car in a fuzzy blur. We’d be in good ole, bad ole Grace Chapel in about an hour. Of course, the drive would have taken most people about an hour and a half, but not my friend Speed Racer.

It was a little after eight o’clock when we pulled into the same small but remodeled sheriff’s office in our still-quaint little childhood town. We both commented on how odd the circumstance was that had brought us both back there to our little town together. Yes, very odd, strange, weird, and scary—it was all of those things!

We parked, got out, and went into the building, where we found our childhood friend Todd sitting behind his desk, holding an open file. He realized we had arrived and immediately stood up and came around from behind his desk to greet us. We all hugged and reminisced about the last time we’d seen each other, almost four years ago.

We sat down together and wasted no time getting to the possibly morbid task we were facing. The good thing about this whole awful business was that all three of us had our own personal reasons for wanting to get to the truth, no matter what it might be.

Todd’s reason was to resolve unfinished business for his father. Lizzy’s reason was to find out what had happened to That Melvin Bray for me and, of course, Ricky for Katherine and Ballen. My reason was to find That Melvin Bray at the bottom of that well. Had he really fallen into it as I had remembered while under hypnosis?

The three of us spent the next several hours reviewing all the evidence interviews, sketches, photos, testimonies, possible suspects. We reviewed each detail with keen enthusiasm, and we were all eager and willing to do whatever it took to find the one tiny clue that might be hiding. A fresh set of eyes, or three, just might solve the mystery.

Todd had already told us that Ole Man Jennings’s son, Sydney, whom we also had gone to school with, would be calling us that afternoon to confirm the day and time we’d be able to come out to the property to start the excavation.  Todd had told Sydney that it would be necessary for him to prevent anyone from coming onto the property until he was able to release the property back to him and that he was legally bound to remain silent about the investigation until further notice. Since Sydney and Todd were lifelong friends, Todd had no concerns about Sydney’s reliability.

In addition to quarantining the property, based on all the facts and possibe scenarios surrounding That Melvin Bray, legally, Todd was required to contact the local district’s medial examiner. The fact that the old well might actually have been an unmarked human burial site—coupled with the fact that if there was a body at the bottom of the well, the deceased might also have been involved in an ongoing crime investigation, the unsolved case of Ricky Lawrence required certain legal protocols. Therefore, the district medical examiner had to assume jurisdiction over the whole process.

Todd had already notified the ME after his first phone call with Lizzy two days earlier, and with the ME’s direction, he had contacted the state archaeologist.

Todd was waiting on Sydney Jennings, the ME was waiting on Sheriff Todd, and the state archaeologist was waiting on the ME; therefore, we all were waiting on Sydney! The crucial phone call came in at five o’clock that afternoon. There’s that special number five again, I thought. Have thine own way, Lord. It has been a very long thirty-five-year wait—so yes, by all means, have thine own way, Lord; we’re all in your competent hands. 

Sydney told Todd we could start the next morning at nine o’clock, and Todd immediately called the ME. The ME said he would make the final call to the state archaeologist. Our plan was in place.

As we rode out to the Jennings property, the three of us were all about the what-ifs. We couldn’t help ourselves. We arrived at the property and took the long road up to the house, passing the old well on our right. It looked so different. Todd parked under the even older and more mature pear trees in the side yard—the same old pear trees that Mother had walked under each night at about eleven fifteen, when her ride would drop her off from work. As we got out of the car, I could feel her presence, and for a moment, I noticed a wonderfully familiar, powdery fragrance floating around my head.

Once we got to the old well, where the excavation team had set up a big tent, none of us really had a clue what to expect, but we found out quickly that patience would be the new word of the day around that old well. It would be mostly slow going but, fortunately not thirty-five-years slow. At least we had that goin’ for us.

About twenty years ago, Mr. Jennings had given a long-term lease to a farmer who grew mostly corn and a few other soil-friendly vegetables. The old house and barn were still there, which the farmer used for utility purposes, not his personal  use. The barn was still in pretty good shape, although I was sure it had had a face-lift or two over the years. The house was a different story. It looked like something right outta that old movie, House on Hauted Hill.

As we stood around the tent, we noticed an elderly gentleman driving up the driveway.Todd told us it was the medical examiner, Dr. Alfred Maness. Over the next few days, I would come to realize that Lizzy had an older twin. She and Dr. Maness had so much in common that I was gonna have to order two of those plaques that read “To save time, let’s just assume I know everything.”  He was disarming, charming and quite intelligent, just like Lizzy. They bonded instantly, and it was interesting to watch the two of them “decipher stuff,” as Dr. Maness would say. And Lizzy would say, “Let’s think this through.” He was a handsome fella of about sixty, was in fine physical shape and was nothing but seriously confident when it came to his expertise and knowledge of his profession, just as Lizzy was.

It was about noon before the team finally had everything in place to begin the initial dig. There really wasn’t much the rest of us could do but be there and continue the ongoing discussion of the facts and all the evidence, or the lack of it. Of course, we all had our opinions, but based on all the information that Lizzy and I could provide about the Lawrences, That Melvin Bray, and Ricky and my own revealing session with Lizzy, Todd and Dr. Maness came to the same conclusion: That Melvin was probably at the bottom of that old well.

About three o’clock that afternoon, the sun was as bright as I’d ever seen it, except for maybe at the beach, and the air was unseasonably warm. It felt more like spring than fall. Dr. Bernie stood by the big plastic sheet as the giant post-hole digger carefully lowered the last scoop of dirt and placed it on the sheet. It looked sorta like a two or three-foot-high pile of dirt ‘n’ debris, pretty evenly distributed over a fifty-by-fifty-foot square area. Once the driver in-the-box had released the last bucket of dirt onto the plastic sheet, he backed his machine out of the way, and the team immediately began to raise the tent over the huge plastic sheet.

The tent had only one opening for both entering and exiting. Large strobe-type lights were attached to tall posts throughout the interior of the tent. The plastic sheet was centered in the middle of the tent, and there was a four-foot-wide walking boarder around the sheet, which would serve as the team’s work space. Several waist-high, skinny tables set up all around the walking boarder would serve as shelves for the artifacts. This whole process was remarkably impressive, and watching the team work with such incredible focus and precision with every move was both exciting and tense. They would not miss one little speck of anything. Whatever was in that dirt, Dr. Bernie and his team would find it.

Todd had assembled a few folding chairs to the right of the opening, just inside the tent, and that’s where he, Lizzy, and I would remain throughout the final search for That Melvin Bray.

Lizzy and I were in a trance-like state as we watched their every move; then Todd waved his hand for us to join them. We rose from out seats slowly and, with more than a little trepidation, walked to the other side of the tent, where the three men were standing. As I moved in closer, visually scouring the dirt for “it” among several items on the table, my eyes locked onto it, and I knew exactly what it was. There as plain as day to me, was…


Next week, the final chapter:

Chapter 30—Shedding the Cloak on the Road to Forgiveness

A few months ago I received the following Book Review from my publisher:

Author Margaret McBride treads some familiar ground with her Christian inspiration,That Melvin Bray”. There is a lot going on in this book; a lot that the Christian fiction reader will find of value here. Regular readers of Christian fiction will find a like-minded soul here, telling a story of faith and one’s ability to help rise us up from less than ideal beginnings. In a world where the dysfunctional family seems to be the new normal, this is a timely message and one that could be of significant service to many people.”  —Writer’s Digest Annual Author Book Reviews – November 5, 2014

I share this review with you because I like it! My publisher captured the essence of my book and I’m very pleased with that knowledge. You may also read other reviews as well, on my website:

My prayer for us all this week is that we’ll pause and take a moment or two to share ourselves with someone, anyone…who might need us in some way.  Actually I had one of those moments bright ‘n early this morning. Just out of the blue! As it turned out, someone needed someone, and God sent them to me. I was the true benefactor, however, as I was able to brag on our sweet Lord, His almighty power and what He can do in our lives if we just get out of His way and trust Him enough.  Thank you, Jesus for a wonderful way to start my day!! YOU rock my world!!!! Hallelujah!

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!!

Love,                                                                                                                      Margaret

“Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.” —Victor Hugo

You may know you have eternal Life. — 1 John 5:13

Chapter 29—I Love You The Most—(Part Three)

Monday, January 5, 2015


Gosh, is that right?!!  I know it is, but it’s hard to believe that it’s 2015. I had just gotten used to writing 2014, now it’s over! WE better get crackin’—Life is zooming right on by!!

Anyone make any New Year resolutions? I usually make a couple and keep at least one. I know, I need to do a lot better!! I do know what I have to work on though, so at least I have that going for me, right?

Upon reflection of this first year of being a published author, I have come to realize (more than ever before), that we really do need to “walk our talk”. The fact that my book, That Melvin Bray, is about none other than forgiveness, I’ve had to once again, search my soul for my own personal answers for my actions in every area of my Life. Little did I know the impact a little story like mine could have on so many. GOD has been so good to me in making me finish my book in the first place—and believe me, He did! I wanted to quit several times over that four years, but He wouldn’t let me. Thank you, God…for miracles, as That Melvin Bray is in fact, a MIRACLE! Hallelujah and Amen!

Further, as a result of my book and the response I’ve had so far, I find I have much more work to do on myself, so, for the new year 2015, I have my work cut out for me and I know it. Pray for me— I sure do need it.


Excerpts and Thoughts from—That Melvin Bray                                                                            “Hope for a great sea-change, on the far side of revenge. Believe that a further shore, is reachable from here. Believe in miracles, and cures and healing wells.”                                                         —Seamus Heaney, Irish poet and Nobel Prize recipient

Chapter 29 – I Love You The Most – Part Three

“Intellectually, I get this whole crazy picture, but emotionally, I know what seeing it through these very same eyes as a child did to me.”

“Listen to you, Maggie! You do get it! The whole crazy, colorful, mixed-up picture—must have  something to do with the artist in you. This is serious stuff we’re dealing with, and I’m confident your grand finale is just waiting to happen, honey. Then, knowing the sweet, ugly truth, you’ll also be able to finally shed that ill-fitting cloak of dishonor.”

“You know I’ll be sittin’ on pins ‘n’ needles till this is over! And by the way, I’m assuming you have your reasons for not telling Katherine and Ballen about That Melvin Bray?”

“Most definitely, Maggs. Katherine’s in a very fragile psychological state. We can’t cause her even one ounce of unnecessary grief.”

“I understand. I watched her today, and I totally agree. Thank God she’s got Ballen, ya know?”

“As all this unfolds, try to remember to breathe, remain calm, and, as you said earlier, watch and see through your adult eyes. Now to find a parking spot! Look Maggs, our ethereal number five—one of our favorite numbers! Right here at the crosswalk—that was too easy. This is it; I’m pullin’ in!”

“Perfect!! Something tells me we’ll be gifted with other ethereal assistance along this physical trip back down memory lane. I’m anxious but not afraid. And I can just feel an earthly angel close by Lizzy—can you?”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m with ya. I’ve got some new feelings talking to me too, Maggs. Let’s just trust in Him and expect some more miracles, okay?”

We went inside, checked our bags, and headed to the gate for a short wait before we could board. Only a few others were at the gate, so we had the pick of the perch.

As we sat quietly in a private corner, we got into a spiritual conversation about life and death. Because we’d been introduced to death as young children, we both knew what death meant and how it felt on a personal level.

But on that particular day, Lizzy and I were involved in another painful situation: a mother and father had lost a child. We both agreed that loss might be even more devastating.

We raised our heads as our flight was announced.

“Hey, that’s us, Maggs; let’s move it!”

“I’m right beside ya, Lizzy-Girl.”

We got on the plane, got in our seats, and were on our way to something far greater than anything we could’ve ever possibly imagined.


We have only one and a half chapters left in my book and each week we get a little closer to solving this incredible mystery! You know though, that I can divulge only so much here in my BLOG, as I feel there may be some of you who have not have read the book. 

For those of you who follow my BLOG, but have not read “That Melvin Bray”, you may purchase it on-line at:                                                                                                                                      Abbott                                                                                                      

My book is available in Soft Cover, Hard Cover and Kindle.

So until next week, may God bless you and yours in ways that only He can. Let’s ALL pray for each other and remember that whatever your challenges are, keep in mind that there are no mistakes, no coincidences—that all events are blessings given to us to learn from.


Love,                                                                                                                                                  Margaret

P.S.  Happy New Year!! Make this YOUR year—lose the old and bring on the NEW! Keep that promise you made to yourself last year. Just do it!

“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because GOD has forgiven the inexcusable in you!!” — C. S. Lewis