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Chapter 9—The Surprise

Monday June 30, 2014

Goooood Morning!!

Monday blog time-ya know I love it!!

This week, we have a surprise coming our way, so let’s see what it is.


Thoughts and Excerpts —

Chapter 9—The Surprise

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“School started, and you and I were so excited,” I told Lizzy. “We were all grown up now. We thought, second grade, here we come!

October came, and the excitement of Halloween was all over school, as it should be. The week before Halloween, Dixieland Acres, where you lived, always had a party in the community playhouse for all the little kids and then a hayride. You and your Mother picked me up at my house that Saturday, and we had the most fun two little girls could ever have!” Little did I know, more exciting times were to come.

The next morning at the breakfast table at my house before we all started getting ready for church, Mother said she had a surprise for us, explaining, “We’re going to have another baby!”

I don’t remember the various reactions around the table, but I do remember Paddy jumping up and yelling, “Number nine—oh boy! I hope it’s a boy!” Aunt Lucy was there, of course, since she always picked us up on Sundays.

Daddy didn’t go to church with us but once in a blue moon. Even though he wasn’t drinking anymore, he still had a hard time with faith and the faithful, so he just stayed home on Sunday mornings. I think you call that a case of shame on him.

I’m sure Aunt Lucy already knew Mother was pregnant. After Mother make her announcement, Aunt Lucy had a solemn look on her face and simply reminded us all that we’d need to be more mindful of Mother and make an extra special effort to help out more at home. Of course, Lainey and Fay got a pass on the chores ’cause they were still too little for the labor force however, I did teach Lainey how to string beans over the next few months. I never was much good at that myself.

That same day though, when Aunt Lucy dropped us off at home after church, her parting words to Mother were “It’s not a matter of chance but of choice, Lily.” I figured that was some kind of grown-up code talk, but once I deciphered it, I figured that Aunt Lucy wasn’t too happy about Mother’s surprise.

Christmas was approaching, and we were all feeling the excitement and joy of the season. The little town of Grace Chapel was all about Christmas. All the decorations were up and lit all over town, an some evenings, Daddy would even take us ridin’ around town to see the lights, when it got dark. Hopefully HE would see the light, I thought.

The tree we had that year at our house was so big that it required a ladder to reach the top. I can remember all of us kids, including Fay, hanging something on that tree all at the same time. We had a ball decorating it.

“Hey, now, there’s a good memory, Lizzy-Girl” I said.

Mother was the happiest then that I could remember. Aunt Lucy was so good to her and took her on a special shopping spree for her Christmas present that year. To say we were poor was an understatement.The fact that there were eight children, fathered by an alcoholic gambler who had never contributed much to Mother’s income, just added to the level of poverty we experienced. It didn’t have to be that way and shouldn’t have been that way, but it was that way.

We all had each other, though. Other than that, nobody had anything really, but we all had plenty of nothin’ together, so no one felt left out. With eight children, Mother seldom got anything new, because there was always a kid who needed something more, and pretty soon, there’d be nine.

Needless to say, Aunt Lucy’s little shopping trip was a real treat for Mother—actually, for both of them. Aunt Lucy delighted in giving to Mother, and Mother’s delight was simply in spending time with Aunt Lucy. The twins were as different as night and day in some ways, but they loved and protected each other fiercely. Merry Christmas, Mother!”


Next week, we’ll get better acquainted with Lillian, the Mother of those nine Chillton children, in Chapter 10 — Lillian Fay O’Malley.

So what’s on your agenda for this week, I ask you? Whatever it is, I pray for good tidings, much joy and lots of laughter along your way. I was reading somewhere this past week of how to stay calm amid life’s storms…it’s pretty good advice:

“Nobody said life would be easy. It will knock us down and just when we stand back up, it will knock us down again. Adversity is a part of life. It is something we must overcome. Everyone will face a multitude of challenges and obstacles. But how we react to those challenges will determine the type of people we become and how our lives turn out. A dear friend of mine has faced much adversity in the past decade. Financial struggles, family health problems, job loss, and death have been just a few challenges he has overcome. Even though he has seem more than I can fathom, he is one of the strongest persons I know. He lives life with this motto: ‘If God led me to it, He will help me through it.’

However, staying calm and happy during life’s storms is a challenge, itself. It is easy to become depressed, discouraged and overwhelmed. Yet, when we stay calm and collected, we can battle adversity with a clear head and come off conqueror. Here are four ways you can stay calm during life’s storms:

l. Look Upward—You never have to battle adversity alone. There is always someone nearby, to guide you through it and help you win. God is your constant companion, but you must be willing to ask for help.He knows how to help you overcome your challenges. Continually pray, study the scriptures and attend worship services. If you do, you will receive strength you never knew was possible.

2. Take Care of Yourself Mentally and Physically—Challenges can put us in a state of depression. It can cause us to lose motivation for daily tasks such as taking care of ourselves. Even when our spirits are low, we must take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Eat a healthy diet, exercise
regularly and perform activities to engage your mind such as reading, playing games or putting together puzzles. When your body feels good, you have more energy to tackle the challenges that come your way. Exercise and a healthy diet can also help you battle stress, increase your happiness and turn away pessimistic thoughts.

3. Serve—When you put your focus on other individuals, it is easier to forget about your own challenges. Each day, find someone to serve. Find someone who needs your assistance. It can be a large service project or something small such as calling an old friend or delivering a plate of cookies to a neighbor. You don’t have to go our of your way to do something kind for a friend.

4. Look For the Hidden Lesson—In every obstacle and challenge, there is a lesson to learn. Even though it can be hard to find this lesson. If you look, it is there. As you battle each challenge, immediately try to find the lesson. This will give you motivation and the strength to overcome the difficulty, and it will help you see there is a reason for the adversity in your life.

Even though, at times, it may seem like we can’t go on, we can stay calm and win the battle. We can overcome and be a better person for the battle we are fighting. In every obstacle there is a lesson to learn.” — Courtnie Erickson


Ya know,some say God loves us if we change, but The Gospel says God’s love CHANGES us. Don’t let the troubles of life get ya down, because no matter how big the struggle, God has the power to conquer all things.

John 14:1 – Let not your heart be troubled;
14 – If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.
18 – I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you.

There’s no better place to put our lives, than in His hands…after all, He gave us this gift of Life, right?

Good tidings, much joy and lots of laughter…

GOD is Good. GOD is Great!


Judge not, that ye be not judged. Matthew 7:1


The Love Dare – Just Sayin’…

Tuesday, June 23, 2014

*The world says to follow your heart, but it you’re not leading it, then someone or something else is. The Bible says that “the heart is more deceitful than all else” (Jeremiah 17:9), and it will always pursue that which feels right in the moment.

Keep calm and PRAY often…Just sayin’

God is Good. God is Great.


*Three Iron Nails

Chapter 8—The News Is Out

June 23, 2014

Good morning, Happy Monday and welcome to my Blog!!

Gosh, what an exciting summer so far!! Don’t know what’s going on in all your lives, but as for ole’ Margaret here, well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: God is Good. God is Great!!

The 2014 school year ended and I’m blessed with THREE (3) HS grads throughout my big family – (if this keeps up, I’m gonna have to start a savings account for all these nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc. – what a good problem, huh?). Next, the College grads were  strutting their stuff as well—Man, I say way-to-go, hallelujah and hand me the check book again, honey!! On top of all that and them, I’ve even had a sister who got HER college degree this June!!  The prayers go up and the blessings come down!!  

In addition, I’ve been traveling a lot, to-and-from with my book signings and I’ve had so much fun and met the most wonderful people that If I were any more blessed, I’d be twins!!  I’m truly so fortunate and grateful for all I’ve been given and I know I’m not worthy, but I also know it’s up to ME and no one else to BE worthy!!  Every day is a new day to thank God for all my blessings and stay focused on Him. He’s already proven over and over how much He loves me.

Each week now, I’ve been taking one chapter at a time of That Melvin Bray, highlighting some of its’ keys points. This week we get a piece of surprising news …


Excerpts and Thoughts—

Chapter 8—The News Is Out

“It’s like finding a needle in a stack of needles” —Harry Joiner, executive recruiter 

“We sure were cute and silly too, weren’t were, Lizzy? The key word there is we. That first grade started something really good, huh? You found someone to boss around without gettin’ married, and I found yet another sister—only this one was a princess! You told me very early on that your name in Hebrew meant ‘princess,’ and I was so impressed.

“Before we knew it, it was early June, and we were so excited because we were about to experience the last day of the first grade! Could life be any better? For the most part, Miss Reddy and I suffered each other quietly after that first day. She wanted Paddy; I wanted Miss Brownie. Miss Reddy gave out headaches and ulcers; Miss Brownie gave out brownies and joy.

“We were looking forward to summertime. We were going to Vacation Bible School together, and who knows what else! You were so lucky having a swimming pool in your neighborhood, and I was going to get to go swimming with you over the summer. 

“Yes, you had it made, kiddo! But I was glad for ya, believe me. You know the saying ‘Mi casa es su casa’ ? In our case, we just reversed it, and I sure loved going to your casa!

“We did in fact have a wonderful summer that year, didn’t we?

“When my family got back form Papa’s after the Fourth of July, That Melvin Bray’s uncle came back to our house, but this time, he brought his brother, That Melvin Bray’s father from Virginia. Daddy sat out on the front porch and talked with them for quite a while. When they let, Daddy showed Mother a photo that the father had given him. It was a large color picture of his son, and the man in the photo looked exactly as That Melvin Bray looked in real life. Mother appeared to study the picture as she walked to the kitchen and put in in a drawer. 

“It had been six months since the uncle had been to our house that first Christmas, and they still had not seen or had any contact with That Melvin Bray. The father had decided to hire a private detective to try to find his son.

“On that day, Mother told Daddy that she had always had an uneasy feeling about That Melvin Bray and that finding him was going to be like finding a needle in a stack of needles. But if he wanted to be found, she said, he’d show up somewhere sometime.

“Not long after that, the sheriff made a visit to the house to talk to Daddy about That Melvin Bray. He told Daddy that a fella up at Charlie’s Place thought he’d seen That Melvin Bray sitting in a car with a woman in the parking lot at Charlie’s, but the fella hadn’t actually talked to That Melvin Bray. Until then, I believe the sheriff thought Daddy had something to do with That Melvin Bray’s disappearance. He couldn’t be sure if Daddy was actually clueless or compliant.”


From this point on, Chapter 8, the title of my book should be “Whatever Happened to That Melvin Bray”…’course ya can’t have two titles for one book—the search will continue…

Next week, Chapter 9—The Surprise …and it’s a pretty big one too. Until then though, thank you for visiting me here at my BLOG and as always, I sincerely welcome you back next week or any time in-between…Mi casa en su casa!!

May you have a week filled with Love, Joy and Success. Remember, you are not alone—Never, ever!  God knows all and has your best interest in His heart.

God is Good. God is Great!



Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. —Matthew 5:8  NIV










Guess What?!!

Great news today! My publisher, Abbott Press, has just launched my new website:

Check it out! It’s just what I needed to share with you to keep you up to date with all that’s happening with That Melvin Bray, Maggie and Lizzy. It will also track my book signings all over the country with photos and various media items. You can also go directly to FB and this BLOG site from there as well!

I’m so grateful to have this gift!!

God is Good. God is Great!


“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”
Epic Women

Chapter 7 – Heeeeee’s Baaaack

Happy Monday Blog!!

Hope all the fathers in the whole, wide world had a wonderfully memorable day yesterday, felt loved from head to toe, and that it was truly a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

As far as our heavenly Father on High is concerned, let’s never forget to thank Him first, for without Him, we would have no earthly fathers to thank, love and honor in the first place!

And speaking of fathers, this week in Chapter 7, “Heeeeee’s Baaaack”, I’m talking about MY earthly father…ole’ “Chill” and here we go…


Chapter 7 – Heeeeee’s Baaack

“Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.” – Proverb

“OK, so much for secrets and antiques, Magg-Pie. How about we pick up where we left off yesterday, when we first started down memory lane—you know, that Easter weekend when the tornado hit your house?”

“Sure, I guess that’s as bad a place as any to start,”I lamented.
“You know, I’m recording all this, Maggs, so we won’t be concerned it we get a little off track now and then. We’ll find our way back to the sometimes painful ole memory lane eventually, and I might add, it’s proving to be just that.” she confirmed as she hit the move-on-down-the-road button on the recorder.

“You’re the doc, boss. After all that talk this mornin’ about my personal protector, the subconscious, who knows? Maybe little SRL’s not the only one with a hidden secret,” I suggested.
“That’s probably closer to the truth than we know, my dear. You just start embracing the new word of the day, okay, missy?” she instructed.
“Yes, sir, ma’am, I got it—forgiveness, forgiveness! So remember on that Saturday morning, the day before Easter, the sheriff and his deputies came and took Daddy to jail. Mr. Brown cautioned Mother about the possible dangers of Daddy coming back home after all he had done that Good Friday night, as well as all the previous times.”

“I remember, I’m with ya, Maggs.” She nodded.

“Well, fortunately, Mother took Mr.Brown’s advice, and Daddy ended up in the hospital for alcoholics. Nowadays, we call that simply rehab. This made Lu very happy since she’d told me that’s where “Mr. Hyde” needed to go to get help with his DPPs—drinking potion problems. Daddy spent a few weeks in jail; then the judge made him go to rehab for his drug-of-choice abuse. Of course, they didn’t call it that either back then. Anyway, he stayed three months and came back home in late June of that year, 1953.”

As I relayed the store to Lizzy, my mind took me back to June 1953…

“If it hadn’t been for Aunt Lucy, I don’t know what we would have done. Between her, Uncle Rory, and Uncle Quinn, we didn’t do without anything we really needed, and Aunt Lucy stayed with us quite a bit.
It was a Friday morning when Daddy was released from the hospital. Aunt Lucy came by and picked up Mother, and they went to get Daddy. Mother had taken the day off so that we could all be together on his first day home. Lu had stayed out of school to watch Lainey, Fay and me while Mother and Aunt Lucy went to get Daddy. Lu was excited to see him. When he walked into the house, she went right up to him and hugged and kissed him. He held her tightly in his arms and then hugged us little girls.

“Lu could always forgive Daddy, just as Mother could. Aunt Lucy was a different story, though. She didn’t trust Daddy as far as she could throw him, as she told Mother on many occasions. All she had heard from Mother for the past three months was how Mother had prayed for Daddy to come home well and help her take car of the family. It didn’t matter what anyone thought of Daddy, Mother was hopelessly heart AND brainwashed. But Aunt Lucy had told her, “Be careful what you wish for: you just might get it.” Mother would remind Aunt Lucy that the Lord worked in mysterious ways but was ALWAYS working.

“About four o’clock in the afternoon that day, P.C., Ali, Lee, and Paddy all came home from school, probably more than anxious about the ensuing family reunion. P.C., Ali, and Paddy all hugged Daddy, but typical of Lee, she kept her distance. In many ways, she was much like Aunt Lucy, and she made no excuses for her behavior—ever. The following Monday, Daddy was able to return to his job at Collins Mill, and life became quite different for the Chillton family. It was better than tolerable—hallelujah—and on occasion, even Lee was somewhat human to Daddy—for Mother’s sake, I’m sure.
Aunt Lucy, however, was a different story. No real surprise there. Over the years, I’ve learned that once you get on her no-count list, you just don’t count!”


Wow, what a way to live…these Chilltons’, huh? Of course, as Aunt Lucy would often say to the Chillton kids, “Now children, it could be worse.” Of course, as always, Aunt Lucy was usually right and yes, it did get worse.

However, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”
— Helen Keller

Next week, Chapter 8 — “The News Is Out” — What NEWS is that, you ask…well, you’ll just have to come back and find out!! But before that, let’s make some good stuff happen THIS week, OK?

May you have an incredible week in every way, with blessings & miracles at every turn! Oh, they’re there alright, just be still, watch and listen, believing the strange and mysterious: Blind Faith.

God is Good. God is Great!


“A man with God is always in the majority.”
-John Knox

Chapter 6 —The Priviledged Character

Hi there!

It’s a beautiful day here in Atlanta, and here’s a big WELCOME to my Monday Blog buddies. As always I invite you to comment or ask questions and I’ll respond asap. And if you’re new to my blog, then here’s a very special welcome to YOU!

OK, this next chapter is about someone who never really had a fair chance. He was sadly sensitive and down-hearted. He didn’t come into this world that way, but he grew into it through no fault of his own. It is my pleasure now, to introduce you to P. C., the Privileged Character.

Chapter 6 – The Privileged Character
“Death is not the worst evil, but rather when we wish to die and cannot.”- Sophocles, Greek playwright

Excerpts and Thoughts:

“The Chillton family was having a pretty rough time and we all were just going though the motions trying to cope one day at a time. What a hell of a time. Aunt Lucy and the girls hadn’t been gone fifteen minutes before we heard a car coming up the drive. To our shock and dismay, it was Daddy, and
P.C. was out on the porch smoking a cigarette.

P.C. had been sneaking smokes for a few days. He was struggling to cope with his sorrow, and smoking was one way of dealing with it, I guess.

Unfortunately, Daddy didn’t deal with anything, because he let his alcohol do his negotiating for him. I had heard P.C. say countless times that he would never grow up to be like Daddy.

P.C. was named after Daddy, Charles Phillip Chillton III, and early on, everyone called him. C.P. When he was ten, though, he came home from school one day and, outta the blue, told Mother he had changed his name from C.P. to P.C. Mother asked him why, and he told her he would much rather his name be short for Privileged Character than short for Charles Phillip.

Mother was well aware of the sadness in P.C.’s heart regarding Daddy. Once he had told her that he wished to die because Daddy didn’t love him. So Mother, in her loving way, agreed to the name change, and P.C. it was. From that day forward, P.C. had his new name, with a new meaning that worked for him, and that made him happy.

Daddy must have seen P. C. out there smoking on the porch when he drove up, and we could hear him yelling at P.C. about it. Daddy had started smoking at thirteen. P.C. was fifteen, so what was the big deal anyway? Back then, smoking was in, baby! Remember the phrase “smoke ’em if ya got ’em?”

Yeah, Daddy was the perfect role model—not to follow. But actually, he was great at teaching his children what NOT to do, and only time would tell if a monster’s offspring would thrive or strive with such angry blood running through their veins.

The monster got out of the car, walked over to the porch and up the steps, and headed straight over to where P.C. was standing. Without hesitation, he immediately started shoving and pushing P.C., while cursing at him. P.C. was not a fighter and for good reason: he was afraid of Daddy. Lee dashed out the door with Paddy and me right behind her.

“Death is not the worst evil thing you can cause me, Daddy,” P.C. shouted through his tears. Daddy slugged P.C. right in the face and knocked him off the porch and onto the ground. He was three times as big as P.C., and when he was drunk, he had the strength of an angry gorilla and he acted like one too. We knew we had to do something before he really hurt P.C.

“You dirty bastard, leave him alone,” Lee yelled at Daddy. She sure did love to cuss. She must have kept The Cuss Book hidden under her pillows. She was on the porch and ran over to Daddy and pushed him with all her might. He certainly didn’t expect that, and it caused him to lose his balance and he fell backward off the porch and onto the ground. “Now you know how it feels, don’t ya? How do YOU like it, you monster?” Lee raged. “Get up, P.C.! Get up!” She kept screaming at P.C. but he didn’t move.

About that time, Daddy got up off the ground and headed toward P.C. but Paddy and I ran after Daddy and started pushing and pulling on him, begging him to stop. We didn’t know it at the time, but P.C. was really hurt and couldn’t get up. He must have hit his head and blacked out when he landed on the ground after Daddy’s vicious attack. Paddy and I were just little kids and weren’t very big or strong, but we detained Daddy long enough for Lee to get P.C. up and on his feet. She was almost carrying P.C. as she frantically struggled across the front yard toward Mrs. Brown’s house.”


Oh my goodness, the sins of the father…this kind of “love” I can do without! There are many children in this world suffering one poor parent or another, and sadly sometimes both! The character, P.C., had one thing going for him outside of his devoted siblings and loving aunt…his Mother. However, his wonderful Mother would never be able to erase neither the physical nor the emotional pain P. C. would be subjected to, as a result of the sins of his father.

If you are aware of a child…any age, who is being tormented…in any way, please don’t remain silent—TELL SOMEONE who can do something about it!!

I can’t possibly leave you this Monday on such a sad note, so I say get a smile on your face right now and make a promise to yourself to do something that’ll make a difference in someone’s life——put a smile on THEIR face! The smallest thing can make a huge difference…believe me, not to mention how good it’ll make YOU feel!!

Just go out and make this a wonderful week!!

God is Great. God is Good.


“Love and Kindness move mountains.” – Inspirational Women

Chapter 4 – The Cleanup

Good Monday morning to you all and I hope you’ve had a love-filled weekend—those are the best!!

It’s Monday Blog day, plus, school’s out for most everyone by now and vacations are happening!! YAY for the good ole’ summertime!!

I have alot on my mind today and I’ll share it through my depiction of today’s topic, “The Cleanup.”  This chapter was probably one of the hardest for me to write because it forced me to go waaaay back to a scary place full of dark shadows and self-doubt. Sometimes the truth just plain-out sucks—not very eloquent, but true.


Chapter 4 – Excerpts & Thoughts

“It’s not the having, it’s the getting.” – Elizabeth Taylor, actress, philanthropist

“Daddy was one of those persons who got meaner by the ounce. Every swallow was like a drink of hell. He turned into the Devil. It was that bad and no worse. I mean, how much worse could it get? I’m just wondering—does it always have to get worse? Lee said Daddy just went crazy, and whatever he picked up came crashing down in a different spot. I remember Lee asking me, “Do you know the meaning of the word monster?” “Yes, I do. It means a big ugly, bad thing,” I answered.” “Well, little girl, Webster’s says a person is a monster if they are evil, uncaring, or a freak!” Lee had always called Daddy a monster since I could remember, so I figured she knew exactly what she was talking about. Of course I understood exactly every word she said. She said Daddy was an evil freak. I had heard Pastor Meyers call the Devil that on Sundays many times. I guess you could say Daddy was the Devil. Could that be? Lu loved him, Lee hated him and I had to be somewhere in the middle. I guess I wasn’t quite old enough to hate and feel anger yet.”

“The “getting” business was what we Chilltons would be all about—again—for a while to come. As we were taking inventory, all of a sudden, Ali got really angry. Normally  she was calm and shy, but in that moment, she really came out of herself. Almost in tears, Ali said, “Mother, I’m sick and tired of having to keep on taking charity from the neighbors around here every time Daddy tears up the charity we had to take the last time he tore up everything around here! And Mrs. Brown tries to make us feel better by saying that it’s not charity—that it’s just a gift from one friend to another. But it is charity too!” I remember Lee chiming in, saying, “Me too, and it’s not right, Mother!” Mother didn’t say anything to either of them. I guess she was having one of those real-life in-body experiences , and it wasn’t a good one.”

“I think Mr. Brown caused Mother to see that regardless of what her heart was telling her, Daddy was on a dangerous course and she needed to think of her children. Mother agreed. Daddy would be going to rehab. After hearing this news, Lee and Ali jumped up ‘n’ down hugging each other joyously. You’d have thought they’d just gotten new dresses.”

“While he was gone, the neighbors were all very good to us and brought food, furniture, and whatever we needed to basically start over—again. They called it charity. Ali knew all about charity. The neighbors must have thought Lillian Fay Chillton was one pitiful human being to put herself and her children through all that again and again. “Your children deserve a childhood, Lillian” was what I heard Mrs. Brown tell mother at church one Sunday.”


I didn’t want to go back “there” and relive all this tragedy, but of course, if I was to obey God, then back is where I had to go. However, I couldn’t even begin to know the effect it was going to have on me once I got started, but in His wisdom, God knew exactly what was going to happen to me. So, the first two years of reliving these memories, adding insult to injury by writing them down, was pretty gruesome. Actually, as I was working on this book, there were many times when I just sat here at my computer typing and crying, and often I could just barely see the keyboard for all the tears falling down. I’d have to stop typing and wipe off the keyboard, take a deep breath and keep on typing (I used to be a very fast and accurate typist…not anymore…too much emotion involved in this typing class).

Well, what can I say that might help in anyway? If something is haunting you, you better scare it away before it sucks the life out of YOU!! No kidding. I can only share with you what facing my past by reliving it, and writing it down, has done for me. I believe that no matter what we’re afraid of facing, through faith in the One who died for us, to give us the greatest gift of all—LIFE,  that fear of yours will diminish through that faith of yours, and your gift will truly be worth living. Let Go, Let God.

I dedicate Chapter 4 to Ali, who doesn’t like charity one little bit!

Have a song in your heart this week—Hum a happy tune.

God is Great. God is Good.



“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person—your behavior does.”  – Epic Women