Seek and You Shall Find – YOURSELF!!


Monday, October 14, 2019

Happy Monday and welcome to my Monday Blog, my dear Friends! First, I’m thrilled to welcome some newcomers this week –

HELLO & WELCOME ZIMBABWE!! Where have you been?! Thank you and we are all honored to have you here with us each week – BLESSINGS!

I’m so thankful for all of you, my wonderful readers! Please don’t forget to post a comment, question, experience, or whatever’s on your heart! I love hearing from you and I will respond.

My Title today goes hand-in-hand with my Image. If we honestly (key word there) seek to find ourselves, we will inevitably run into our true BFF. I refer to Him as my Savior, Jesus Christ, the light of the World! I’ve known Him intimately since I was eleven years old; however, between then and now, I’ve traveled a few rocky roads as I’ve grown into my faith, understanding and love for Him. The most important lesson I’ve learned from Him is that He loves me no matter what and He will never stop loving me! Acatually, He loves me so much, He died for me! (WHO does THAT?!)

Those of you who know Him personally, also know what I’m saying is the truth; however, none of us can know all of each others’ needs, wants, desires, etc. I feel certain though, that we’re not too different in the fact that if you’re reading this, YOU are someone who either knows my Savior, Jesus Christ or you desire to know more about Him. The more you learn about Him, the better you’ll know yourself.

Seek and you shall find yourself, through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This week, my prayer for us all is that we’ll be open, ready and willing to share our hearts and love with any who might be in need of our Savior, who may not know Him, but want to know Him. On the other hand, if we profess how much we love Jesus, then we must always be ready to stand up for Him, testify for Him, claim Him as our Savior and never forsake Him. When we have such an opportunity, but feel a little apprehensive, just envision Jesus hanging on the Cross, simply because…He told people how much He loved us. Amen.

I believe that Jesus is The Light of The World!

God is Good! GOD is Great!! Always!!!

I love you,


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