Chapter 28 —Bittersweet Tears

Monday, December 1, 2014

Good morning, Friends!!

Happy December—the beautiful month we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!!

I sure did enjoy following many of you on Facebook during this past Thanksgiving week!! WOW, the Blessings, Joy and Love were all in great abundance!! We have so much to be thankful for, and during this time and the now present Christmas Season, let’s not forget those who are less fortunate. Please share and be generous whenever you can and remember to…

Count your many Blessings,                                                                                                                 Name them one by one.                                                                                                                       Count your many Blessings and                                                                                                               See what GOD has done!

“In all things, give thanks; for this is the will of GOD in Christ Jesus concerning you.”            —Thessalonians, 5:16-18

This week in my book, That Melvin Bray, we find Maggie and Lizzy coming to some unbelievable conclusions in the double mystery of whatever happened to That Melvin Bray, while they’re still haunted by the decades-old mystery of the still-missing little boy, they know only as “Ricky.”


Chapter 28—Bittersweet Tears

“Hope is definitely not the same as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.”                               —Vaclav Havel, Czech playwright

Excerpts and Thoughts:

“Ya know, Daddy was so drunk that night, anything coulda happened. I guess the sheriff figured even if Daddy had done anything to That Melvin Bray, he wouldn’t necessarily even have remembered it the next day when they pulled him outta the old Chevy.

“And another thing still really puzzles me: Why in the world was That Melvin Bray standing in that crowd of people at Ricky’s bus stop the afternoon that Ricky disappeared anyway?”

“Well, Maggs, let’s work on this. We know Ricky was abducted on February 13—Friday the Thirteenth, no less—because Saturday was Valentine’s Day, the fourteenth. Katherine and Ballen had planned a little valentine party for Ricky and a few of his friends. Remember her telling me that?”

“Yep, and that means That Melvin Bray was not at Collins Mill on that Friday the Thirteenth, where he should have been. So just what was he doing fifteen miles away in Ricky’s little town, standing in the crowd at Ricky’s bus stop that afternoon?”

“That’s just another part of the puzzle, Maggs, but we can’t even confirm it was That Melvin Bray in the sketch until we get that old photo tomorrow from Aunt Lucy.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, but if it is him, I’m thinkin’ we’re gonna be packin’ some bags and headin’ south, right?”

“Yes ma’am— that I can confirm. We’re committed, and we’re going!”

I lay in bed  staring a serious hole in the ceiling.

“Rise ‘n’ Shine, dearest friend of mine. I’ve had an epiphany already. I woke up with it, Magg-Pie. Ya wanta’ hear it?”

Oh, bro-thuuuur! I knew it was too good to be true. Damn, she’s up!

“What this means dear, is that for over thirty-five years now, you, Katherine and Ballen have unknowingly, on a subconscious level, held the key clues to That Melvin Bray’s mystery and possibly even the disappearance of little Ricky! We’ve all been brought together after all this time to solve the mystery of Ricky’s disappearance. As we keep digging, though, it appears That Melvin Bray has been thrown into the mix as well. Remember Maggs, Ole Man Fate—no coincidences, right? More like divine intervention, right? I’ve been waiting for that feeling, the one that tells us to hush and listen to our higher self—God in us?”

“Yes! And that’s the same feeling I had, Lizzy, when I first saw that W hat in my sketch! Once I’d tweaked the drawing for Ballen, I knew without a doubt that the guy was none other than That Melvin Bray!”‘

We got dressed, jumped in the Benz, and arrived at the office about eight thirty. Paula entered and cheerfully said, “Coffee anyone?”

We continued methodically putting all our findings in the proper files for travel and preparing for a trip south. Lizzy placed a call to the sheriff’s office in Grace Chapel. We decided to wait until Katherine and Ballen arrived to discuss our next moves and how they’d be in involved at that point, if at all.

As Paula served some bagels, she also placed the much-anticipated Fed EX package down on the credenza in Lizzy’s office. We stared at it, but neither of us went for it.

“You do the honors, Maggs,” Lizzy suggested as she pointed to the infamous package.


Next week we’ll find out if the man in the FedEx photo is the same man who’s standing at little Ricky Lawrence’s bus stop on that fateful day in February, 1955. Could they possibly be—one and the same…That Melvin Bray!? Oh, the webs we weave.

Until we visit again here, my prayer for you all is a simple one:

I pray you will have awesome and inspiring prayers with GOD this week! Amen.

GOD’s plans for us are better than anything we could imagine for ourselves. He cares about everything that concerns us, so feel free to talk to Him about anything. Invariably, just talking to our best Friend is all we need to set us straight.

As always, I ask for your prayers, too!

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!!

I love you,                                                                                                                                                   Margaret

“Be a blessing to someone today.”—Proverbs 11:25



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