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Hey! It’s Me Again, Margaret!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually sat down here to share a blog with you guys!  As usual, while sitting here staring at my screen, I asked the good Lord what shall I say to all of you today?

As a few minutes have passed now, I feel I simply need to share with you the fact that I’ve missed you all, have kept you in my prayers and hope this Pandemic quarantine has not been too traumatic for you and yours! Specifically though, to any of you who may have had to say “good by” to a loved one or dear friend during this time, please know my heart is filled with  prayers for you especially. May He lift you up in His eternal love and grace, and comfort you.

For me and mine, all’s well and there’ll be noooo complaining! Oh, I can do some complaining, trust me – just ask ole’ Danny Boy. Actually though, for me, this  “quarantine/vacation” has been quite cathartic; however, Dan may not share my sentiments, as I’ve almost driven him crazy! It seems so long ago now,  but this is how I remember it…seems like it all started in March…

Once I realized we were in “lockup”,  I turned into a rabid-esk being…and once I got started,  life at our house, as we knew it quickly changed:  if it didn’t move, I moved it! I’ve spent the last four months rearranging, redesigning, remodeling, removing, replanting, replacing…re…re…re… to the point that we hardly recognize our own home – nothing’s familiar around here anymore and I’m  not even sure I like it!! Poor Dan!

Oh, but hallelujah, Autumn is slowly settling in and we’ve finally been set free, sorta. At least we can go out (donning our masks, of course) and we can stand in our yard and shout out to the neighbors, keeping our safe distance, and even go to the grocery store! Such “pleasures” we take for granted normally, right?

So for now, my  normal pace of “78” has slowed all the way down to the  “33” spot – just skipped over “45” altogether; however, as I sit here sharing with you all, I realize just how out of control Life can become. When we least expect it, we get clobbered with one of those out-of-the-blue situations that are almost too strange to believe.  We have to be ready-to-roll in new  directions without complaining…well, we can complain, but it sure doesn’t help and nobody gives a flip. We have to rise above ourselves, and invoke “The Golden Rule”, immediately! Oh, and then there’s this: “it can always be worse!”

My prayer for us all this week is that we’ll all be diligent in keeping each other in our prayers. Let’s pray especially for those wo are unable to help themselves; the homeless, the sick, the hungry, the lonely. May our heavenly Father have mercy on them and may we extend ourselves to others as He would have us do. Amen!

I love you,


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