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Call A Truce!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

It’s Monday Blog —Welcome, my Friends!!

I already know the answer to this question, but I’m asking it anyway:

Do you ever feel like you’re in a battle with yourself? Everyone I’ve spoken to about this, admits rather freely, they see themselves as their biggest problem in many situations.

Well, to be honest, I know this battle quite intimately.There were times when I considered a legal separation from my heart.  My mind tells me one thing and my heart tells me another. One would think they’re not sharing the same machine (my body). Fortunately, God has His ways of doing things; however, He also allows us our free will—Sometimes I wish He didn’t do that…seriously!

I’ve wrestled with many issues in my life so far, and I amaze myself at the times I’ve bitten off way more than I could chew. See, the Lord has a way of humbling us when we flitter here ‘n there “fixing” this or that, as we see fit. We forget that this does not necessarily please Him. Now I’m not saying He is displeased when we work diligently and overcome obstacles, because I know this does please Him— we’re being responsible and using the tools we have, as we stay at it, honoring our responsibilities.

What I am saying though, is that when we truly have done all we can, and it’s not enough, rather than freaking out, turning on ourselves or others, He wants us to go to Him. This is how we show our love and respect for Him. This is when our faith in Him needs to rise above all else—Period. When we’re too good, too smart, too busy, too anything, to get down on our knees in prayer to Him, we are not loving Him properly—where’s the respect, the FAITH?

When we go rogue on ourselves and the rest of the world, like we have it all under control, He’s waiting patiently for us to Call A Truce – get our hearts and minds working together and call a friend…our lifeline…our Holy Father. Call on Him! He’ll never leave us, He’ll stay with us until we make peace with ourselves and then he’ll help us with our problems…big or small, he does it all. Man, God is so good!!

This week, should we need help, let’s ask for it. Let’s all strengthen our faith and walk with Jesus Christ, our Best Friend Forever! Amen.

God is Good! God is Great!! Always!!!

I love you,


Faith: a belief with strong conviction; complete trust, confidence, reliance or devotion.




Monday, June 19, 2017

Welcome to my Monday Blog, Everyone!!

Thank You for visiting me here each week and Thank You for commenting and sharing your thoughts with me—I really do appreciate it!

These last few weeks I’ve been doing a little personal survey—It’s all about the “THANK YOU.” I’ve been consciously tuned into my awareness of the kind things others do for me and making sure I say those two little words: Thank You.

When we were children, we had no choice…Thank You was a no-brainer… like sleeping, breathing, or eating…we just did it – it was mandatory. It should be no different for us adults but we get a little rusty ,complacent or just plain lazy sometimes. Now if we’re having one of those zippity-do-da days, and everything’s going our way, then a lovely Thank You comes  pretty easy, doesn’t it?

I put thank-yous and smiles in the same category…they make us feel good inside when we get them. Now if you use a thank-you and a smile together, that’s just the best!!  If they make you feel  better, it’s safe to assume that they make all of us feel better.

Something so simple, yet so incredibly wonderful—and not just for the receiver, but for the giver, as well. Give a Thank You, get a smile!!

This week, let’s all be conscious of how we show our appreciation to those who we meet along the way…be a blessing to someone with a simple Thank You (and don’t forget to throw in a little smile). Enjoy the Joy — BE a Joy!!

God is Good!God is Great!!Always!!!

I love you,


“Be thankful in everything, in all circumstances.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Can You Relate – To ME?


Monday, June 12, 2017

Welcome to my Monday Blog, my Friends!

Today feels like one of those days when no matter what happens, bring it on—I’m all in —  take everything with “a grain ‘a salt” today! I attempt that every day, however, by 6pm I’m ready for a nap before dinner. Ha, like that’s going to happen, I’m the cook!

Shoot, maybe I need to find one of those “safe spaces” like on some of the college campuses we’ve heard about lately. Seriously? Come on, let’s get real, here. There’s no place on Earth where we can get total peace and rest from the rest of the world except…the Grave…and it’s six feet under and it’s dark. Frankly, I don’t need that much peace and rest, not yet anyway.

Why is it so difficult to relate to one another anymore? I know it hasn’t been this way forever, because I’ve been around for half-of-forever, and I know what I’m talking about! The changes I’ve witnessed in our society just in the past twenty years are truly sad. I believe we’ve become immune to other’s hardships and sufferings…not our own, of course, just others.

When I stop and think about my own actions and contributions, I’m shamed and admit I haven’t been nominated for any humanitarian awards, and then I’m reminded of what Jesus said: “Whoever among you is without sin, cast the first stone at her.” – John 8:8

We’re all sinners. We get along with some people some of the time, all people some of the time and some people all of the time—but never all the people, all the time—That goes against human nature; not going to happen—Only in Heaven (but still not ready for the grave thing any of the time -until my time).

Can you relate—to ME? Just because we can’t relate to someone, doesn’t mean we’re right and they’re wrong. It just means we disagree—We don’t have to declare war on each other. We can still be friends, respect each others differences and even embrace our similarities—those things we do have in common. Acatually if we all agree on everything, all the time, that can get a bit boring, right?

True story: I actually adore my husband of almost forty years. Some things never change—Hallelujah! He’s over the top intelligent and trust me, he’ll never know my IQ nor will I ever be a member of the Mensa Club…anyway, he’s very funny and he’s never lost the ability to make me laugh. There are occasions, however, especially at dinner (you know, that time when I really need to be napping instead of cooking, after a long day of whatever), that we’ll get into a conversation and I so need to win (I think) and he can make me so furious that I make him laugh—yes, at my expense…but do I care? Yes, but not that much. If we agreed on all things, all the time, where would our own individuality be? We’re not puppets, we’re human beings.

There’s not even one of us here on Earth who’s right all the time. We’re all here living our Gift of Life paid for by our precious Jesus Christ, with His own Life. What can we do to THANK Him? I know…

Let’s not be so hard on those who disagree with us…even though you know all too well that you’re right and they’re wrong. Is it that important to be right? That’s a question each of us must answer for ourselves. I just see the present condition of our world and this is one thing I feel certain that we all can agree upon: Our world is struggling because…we all just can’t get along. I realize we can’t change the World over night, however, I do believe we can start by loving more and hating less—right at home in our own front yards!

This week my prayer for all of us, is that when we have the opportunity, we’ll be good stewards, good neighbors, good friends, good Samaritans…just be GOOD to one another.

God is Good! God is Great!!Always!!!

I love you,


“I will walk with faith even when I cannot see.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7











Beauty Is Only Skin Deep!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Welcome to my Monday Blog, Friends!!

Today as I was dressing, I took a second look at myself in the mirror. As usual, I have alot on my mind and as I looked more closely at myself, I stopped and began a conversation. The house was empty and there was no issue with anyone hearing me, so my sanity or lack thereof, was safe from judgment.

I continued to stare at the image in the mirror and the longer I stared, the louder my imperfections shouted at me, so that for a moment, I thought I was having a nightmare—Nope, I was wide awake, just didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. As I stood there, in deep thought and judgement of my outer appearance, God reminded me how shallow that was and He suggested I look on the inside because that’s what He sees.

He sees our heart—The condition of our heart is what is important to God. Period.

Growing up with six sisters, I remember my Mother quoting quite often to us, “Pretty Is As Pretty Does” and we knew exactly what that meant. I’m sure we can all relate to the message here. Sure, it’s good to have pride in ourselves – that’s very important, actually, and that one falls under, “Don’t Judge The Book By The Cover”.  We all want to look good and that’s not a bad thing, but where we get into trouble though, is when we work harder on our outer appearance than we do on our inner spiritual appearance.

I could share many stories with you about some fabulously beautiful people, men and women alike, whom I’ve met, who are off the charts physically beautiful…but sadly, those fall under my Mother’s reminder to us that “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep”…matter of fact, those “beautiful people” are some of the most miserable, disconnected-to-Life folks I’ve ever met. As I write these words, I’m reminded that these particular individuals are also some of the saddest, most insecure, and unavailable people in the world. On the inside they’re  among the broken, the lost, and the lonely — and what about their souls?

“The Serenity Prayer –

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can; 

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;

Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;

Taking, as He did, this sinful world

Trusting that He will make all things right

If I surrender to His will;

So that I may be reasonably happy in this life

And supremely happy with Him

Forever and ever in the next.


Over the years, this simple, yet poignant prayer has brought much comfort to many as it is honest and faithful to God’s teachings. In addition to its’ comfort and guidance, here are a few other loving gestures we might offer to those who are in need of help on the inside:

Always leave people better than you found them. Hug the hurt. Kiss the broken. Befriend the lost. Love the lonely. 

My prayer for us all this week is that we will indeed embrace these simple acts of love and kindness should we have the opportunity, if needed, and that in doing so, we may share the importance of what God sees on the inside, and that the condition of our heart is what is most important to God.

God is Good! God is Great!! Always!!

I love you,


Be quick to love, slow to judge.