Chapter 26—It’s Over; I’m Under

Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Monday and welcome to my BLOG, my Friends!

It’s raining cats & dogs this morning in the BIG A-Town…but it’s so cozy in here that I’m not complaining one little bit!! In fact, ‘Thank you for the rain, Lord!’

I wonder what kind of fun and experiences you all had over this past weekend—Family, friends, feast, babies, church…whatever—and I trust you were all blessed in His mighty ways.

Last week we left Maggie and Lizzy fussing about Maggie “going under” in Lizzy’s world of hypnotherapy. Maggie’s always felt uneasy about it and she’s been quite a pill to say the least. Lizzy, however, has had the patience of JOB, but the time has finally come: it’s over and Maggie’s going under. Period!


Chapter 26 – That Melvin Bray – “It’s Over; I’m Under”

Maybe it’s up in the hills, under the leaves, in a ditch somewhere. Maybe it’s never found. But what you find is always only part of the missing. —Paul Engle, American poet

Excerpts and Thoughts:

“Okay, Maggs, I’m gonna set up the rolling machine, and here’s the part you’re gonna like: go lie down on the leather chaise over by my desk, and get ready for a nice little snooze. Now, isn’t that wonderful? See? I told ya you’d like that part.”

“Wow, this is nice! Ya know, I don’t think you’re gonna have to ‘tool’ me after all. This baby-soft leather is as sleep-invoking as those fabulous wingbacks, so … goodnight.”

“Hold on! Wait for me! I gotta find my little chain with the shiny gold star—ya know, so I can dangle it in front of ya and say, ‘Watch the shiny star … You’re getting sleepy … very sleepy.'”

“Oh, that’s funny—very funny. How ’bout we just do it already, Dr. Joker?”

“Maggs, relax. Where’s that sense of humor, little sister? This is all good, remember? Relax. Take a few deep breaths. That’s better. Now take another long, deep breath and exhale slowly. That’s it. Now close your eyes. Breeeeathe … sloooowly.”

“Wake up, Maggie. You can wake up now, Maggie” was all I heard. I woke up and felt calm and totally rested. I knew exactly where I was and didn’t feel the least bit weird— which I found weird. How could I feel so good and as light as an angel wing’s feather? I felt as if I coulda gotten up and flown right through the ceiling. It had been done before. OH my! I realized I’d just been given a new perspective, a renewed life. That heavy anchor holding me down all that time had been set free. We both had.

“What was I so afraid of, Lizzy? Wait a minute! What day is it? I AM really here right now with you, right?”

“Oh good Lord, Maggs. You’re gonna drive me crazy, and then we’re BOTH gonna need psychological help! YES, you’re definitely here right now with me—and you were magnificent! I’m so proud of you I can hardly contain myself! I’m confused, though, Maggs. I thought this was all about YOUR truth, but apparently it’s much, much more. We’re definitely much closer to finding the whole truth now.”

“I’m dying to HEAR me Lizzy!”

“I know your are, Maggs…I’m going to start the recorder. We’re going to sit here and listen to it together. It’s just you and me—verbatim. I’m asking the questions and you’re providing the answers. Are you ready?”

“Of course., Lizzy!”

“Alrighty then, pick a wingback. Here we go!”


What a story Maggie’s about to tell and she’ll hear it in her own words as she spoke them under hypnosis. She’ll find herself standing at the kitchen window on that awful dark and rainy day in 1953, when she was only five years old!! Oh the webs we weave and the secrets we keep!!

Next week, Chapter 27 – Chasing the Truth

“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.                                                —James A. Garfield, twentieth US president

Until next week, make THIS week the greatest!! I hope it’s filled with Faith, Hope and Charity.  How does that little song go…?

“Have faith, hope and charity, that’s the way to live successfully, how do I know, the Bible tells me so….”

Yep, that’s it. So  have one of those weeks, this week—living successfully through faith, hope and charity!

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!!

Love,                                                                                                                                                           Margaret

PS  Life, our greatest gift, is about living and laughing in both the good and bad times— dealing with whatever comes our way, and looking back on it ALL with a smile and a forgiving heart!







2 thoughts on “Chapter 26—It’s Over; I’m Under

  1. K.K.

    Well Margaret…you sure got me thinking…

    The webs we weave almost always have impact into the future, don’t they?
    Here is to living each day to the fullest with both an open mind and a forgiving heart!!



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