“Take Your Soul by the Hand”

Monday, March 14, 2016

Welcome to my Monday Blog, Everyone!

Today, I’m reblogging a message from a year ago…because it’s still so relevant to what we’re facing in this great Country of ours. Please join me and continue to pray for Peace, Love and Forgiveness for each other- Everywhere!!

Author Margaret McBride

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday BLOG time, Everyone, and I hope you all had a weekend filled with special gifts of joy, fellowship and love.

My heart is heavy today as our world is changing so quickly, that it hardly resembles anything we recognize anymore. A curse of hatred for mankind abounds, as is being demonstrated with the malicious satisfaction  being taken in unthinkable acts of horror across the lands. What is happening to us? It’s abominable and it may not end anytime soon—if ever. The sad truth is that we’re in a hell of a mess, and we need help—probably the supernatural kind that’s going to require some serious praying. In my humanness, Prayer is my answer to everything!

GOD has given us all our own free will, and many have taken that awesome right and continue to abuse it with a disturbing smug glee, to destroy with a sick vengeance, anyone they don’t like. Period. It’s apparent that Satan…

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