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March 18, 2019

Happy Monday, my Friends and welcome to my Monday Blog! Let’s just have a little fun today, OK? Ya know, sometimes we need to just slow down, look in the mirror and see the funny side of ourselves. Trust me, we all have one; however, some of us are just a little too up tight to let that funny bone laugh-out-loud…not judging here, it’s just the truth. I’m sharing a little humor for you all today – hope you can feel the funny side…

*”GETTING OLD – I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds. People get out the way much faster now. Gone are the days when girls used to cook like their mothers. Now they drink like their fathers. I didn’t make it to the gym today. That makes five years in a row now. I decided to stop calling the bathroom the John and renamed it the Jim. I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning. Old age is coming at a really bad time! When I was a child I thought Nap Time was a punishment. Now, as a grownup, it feels like a small vacation. The biggest lie I tell myself is ‘I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it’. I don’t have gray hair, I have “wisdom highlights”! I’m just very wise. 

If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would’ve put them on my knees. Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators but we haven’t met yet. Why do I have to “press one” for English when they’re just going to transfer me to someone I can’t understand anyway? Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice. At my age “Getting Lucky” means walking into a room remembering what I came in there for.

Actually I’m not complaining because I am a Senager (Senior Teenager). I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later. I don’t have to go to school or work. I get an allowance every month. I have my own pad. I don’t have a curfew. I have a driver’s license and my own car. The people I hang around with are not scared of getting pregnant and I don’t have acne.  

Life is GREAT!!

I  know I have more friends I should send this to, but right now I can’t remember their names and plus, I’m just wondering, did I send this to you or did you sent it to me? ”


When we think about it seriously (oh no!), we realize most of us came into this word pushin’ & screamin’, right? I believe that by God’s holy design, we got a pass and have no memory of the incredible event and according to my dear Mother, all nine of her children did just that!! Actually, one of my brothers always told us he did indeed, remember being born – literally. You might know, as it’s turned out over the years, most of his stories have been proven true; however, this one…huuum…just a bit too difficult to prove, huh, Bubba? I will say this for him though, as many times as he described his birth, he never once changed the story.

So this week, my dear sweet friends, my prayer for us all is one of gratitude – gratitude for our incredible gift of Life, and that as we live it, we will express ourselves with gloriously happy and playful attitudes! We will allow ourselves to actually look on the bright side and nurture the humor inside of us…embrace the funny and playful gifts of our beautiful selves. Everything we have in this Life is a gift from God and we thank Him by using all our gifts, showing our gladness and joy in all we do. Amen!

GOD Is Good!! GOD IS Great!! Always!!!

I love you,


My spiritual thriller, “That Melvin Bray”, is available on Amazon

*A special “Thank You” to my sister for the article, “Getting Old”, the funny side of Life.





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