Not Today Satan!

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy Monday and welcome to my Monday Blog, my friends!

Hope all are well and ready for a new week of…whatever you need! I’m reminded of several years back when I worked in a sales office and Monday mornings were reserved for sales meetings. We started off each meeting by going around the table and each of us had the opportunity to discuss whatever we needed, but mostly negative comments were spoken. There was this one fella though, who wore a distinct and sincere, big smile, who had the same response every single Monday: “Just damn glad to be here!”  Would you believe that after many Mondays to follow, over half the sales staff changed their negative comments to anything but! I can honestly say that one positive person, among over twenty-five, changed the vibe around that whole company! As they say in some circles, “It was a beautiful thing!”

This reflection reminds me of how Satan works. Satan loves ruining our day – One day at a time, too! Our suffering is his delight. Don’t let him in. Ignore him. He’s the great slanderer, demon, adversary and a major spoiler!! Hey, he can spoil more than one day, too. He can ruin your entire life and that’s his objective! Ya know, he can’t come into your life unless you let him.  Not today Satan, not tomorrow, not ever!!

My prayer for us all this week is that we’ll be conscious of this possibility – and diligently stay on guard – don’t fall for his dirty tricks and negativity! He’ll promise you the moon and give you hell, literally! He’ll let you down every single time. He never keeps his end of the bargain. He brings heartaches, nothing but heartaches!

Here’s a sure-fire way to be safe: ask Jesus to come into your heart and protect you from all harm and evil. He will too, because He truly loves you – He died for you. That pretty much says it all.

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!! Always!!!

I love you,


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2 thoughts on “Not Today Satan!

  1. Fay

    You are so right, negativity is the pits! I really don’t like spending time with people who bring you down just by being in the room; and if I ever add to it – repent, repent, repent is all I can say.

    It happens like you said, but we do have a part in whether or not we engage with that behavior. In our house we have a negativity jar. It will cost you 25 cents to redeem yourself and receive “grace” from those in the room. Once people find out about our little “collection” jar, it isn’t long before the atmosphere is full of sweet attitudes. 😁

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hey, negativity is NOT our way – NO WAY!!
      I appreciate and agree with your opinion and your home-grown remedy – Negativity Jar…I love it! GRACE is an awesome goal for us all…as God is all about Grace! I love you, my dear friend, in Christ.


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