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Monday, February 2, 2019

Welcome, my Friends! I hope your weekend was one of Joy. If you’re suffering, for any reason, know that you are in my  prayers and please keep me in yours. Thank you for visiting here today and know how much I appreciate you!

For several weeks now, I’ve been so troubled about the future of our unborn babies that I can’t seem to get it off my heart. Every day that passes seems to draw us closer to new laws that are simply unconscionable.  Truly, I fear we’re headed to a place of no return and we will all pay a very high price – one like no other we’ve ever known in this, our beloved America The Beautiful – it’ll look more like,  America The Murderers!!

Seriously…just who do we think we are, anyway? What has happened to us!?  We all know that as time moves on and we progress, Life will certainly change and hopefully for the better in all situations; however, there are some immutable laws and for the life of me, I thought killing unborn babies was one of them – “thou shalt not kill” except in the most dire situations, for both the mother and the unborn.

*”The state of New York has legalized full-term abortion and Virginia is now considering a bill reportedly allowing infanticide or the killing of a newborn.

Moral outrage against abortion ought to be the same, regardless of the baby’s state of development. If an unborn baby is 40 weeks, 1 week, or even moments old at conception, there is no distinction in the inherent, God-Given value of the unborn child.

A culture of death denies the sanctity, dignity, and personal humanity of the unborn. All human beings are persons, but an anti-Christ mindset draws an arbitrary distinction between what it means to be human and a person. They wrongfully claim the unborn is not a person, and therefore, conclude abortion is moral. In their pride, they elevate their personal worth above the unborn. They deny the very existence of humanity they once held when they were to be born.”

tmb blog fetal growth

This past weekend, I was so blessed to be part of a home birth. Actually this was the fourth home birth I’ve attended. My daughter has three awesome children (my grandchildren) and all were born at home.

Simply put, there’s no other joy on God’s Earth (for me, anyway) that has filled my heart the way it did as I experienced these tiny heavenly souls being born. I simply cannot describe it because mere words can’t do it justice! Now, I realize one doesn’t have to witness the incredible sight of an unborn baby being born to appreciate and honor it; however, after one has, as I have, it’s so unconscionable to me to realize and accept that our beloved USA has progressed ourselves into nothing less than a bunch of murdering MONSTERS!! I ask you…what’s next? Cannibalism?! Don’t laugh, I’m quite serious.

It was but a few months ago that I was reading about a woman who was about 7 months pregnant. Her husband was away on business and that night a thief entered her home and killed her and her baby could not be saved. Mommy and baby died. The thief went to trial. He was found guilty on two counts of murder.

So now it seems we’ve come so “far” in our human growth that we’re actually traveling backwards in time to a place where the crime of MURDER was legal…in our case it will be “as long as it’s either an unborn or born human baby.”

But hey! What about “SAVE THE WHALES”?  I’m pretty sure that worked for them and still does. Give me a break!!

This week, my prayer for all of us is that we will begin a prayer of vigilance – realizing that we must stand together and on God’s holy word. We’re now living in such a God-bashing time, that so many are dancing with the devil and have no fear of consequences for their depraved hearts. May God have mercy on their souls. We, however, may not rest! Pray a prayer of vigilance, without ceasing, to Him on High…for His Will to be done in our lives to His joy. Amen!

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!! Always!!!

I love you,


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