Monday, December 16, 2019

Welcome to my Monday Blog my friends! You know I’m so grateful for your time, comments and support.  And now I’ll share a little story with you.

First, today’s Blog is a subject I embraced over a year ago and in honor of the birth of Jesus, I’m relogging this topic today from last year.

“Now, many of you know that I take my topics seriously and pray about each one on Monday mornings. I do very little preparation as I do my best to remain open to the Lord’s Divine Will in what I post on my blog each week and  yesterday was no different; however, once I was certain of my topic, I began to do some research and all hell broke lose!

I knew immediately what was happening – Satan did not want me to follow God’s Will. No matter what I did, Satan was having no part of it and caused one break down after another…(except for me of course!).

I continued on and remedied each problem as it popped up. No matter what I did though, another problem presented itself. After about an hour, I knew exactly what the problem was and it had zip to do with “technical” nor “operator error”. After about three hours of this evil insanity, I had finished. Done and Hallelujah! I was very pleased with myself and now all I had to do at that point was to hit “PUBLISH”; however, before I could,  at that moment, my entire screen went BLACK!I No problem, I thought, since my system is set up to automatically SAVE my work, I would simply bring it back up from DRAFT. Since the issue was Satan-driven however, I quickly found out that there was no “saved in draft” for this particular Blog topic. Reeeally, now!

I was quite aggravated at this point and remembered I had another appointment and  had to leave. Since I would not return until after dinner, I planned to revisit this blog issue today. I may have lost that battle but certainly not the War. As I left my office I said to Satan, “You haven’t stopped me, you’ve only slowed me down, but I’ll be back tomorrow!”

Today is Tuesday and I’m back. Well now, here we go again my friends and yep, once again, the devil’s doing his damnedest to stop me, but I’m committed and hell will freeze over before I stop again. I WILL post this Blog today! I’m back with a vengeance of my own…an eagerness to right his menacing wrongs. YAY JESUS!! YAY me!

Let’s try this again…

Before you read this, please take another look at my IMAGE for today’s Blog. Below is an opinion I share, from two Christians, hard at work for the Lord and this is an excerpt from an article they wrote, in response to the recent passage of the new abortion laws in the state of New York:


“As time goes on, I’ve noticed that the title and the power of the person that the devil uses gets smaller while God’s Miracles get BIGGER, so I can’t wait to see what happens next…


In the time of Moses, the Pharaoh, being operated by Satan, was afraid of being taken over by his slaves and ordered all male infants killed; in return God spared Moses and sent him to deliver His people out of Egypt.

At the birth of Jesus, Satan used a King who was scared because he heard that there was to be a Messiah who  would save his people and become King of the Jews. So this King ordered the babe be searched out and brought to him, but God gave three wise men discernment and Jesus Christ lived and thus gave His own life to SAVE the world and all who would receive Him.

Now, Satan is out of tricks and he is trying to repeat history with a couple of little puppets we call Governors and Senators, to make sure we spill enough innocent blood that God’s army will not increase in numbers; however, I believe the Miracle that God will perform next will be OUT OF THIS WORLD! I’m ready and looking up!” 

I pray my words may be a flame lit by God’s hand that spreads like wildfire in this dry and barren land…”   – Michaela and Lee Wilkins


After I read this, I was profoundly moved to share it with all of you and I would put it to you like this:

Regardless of one’s faith, where is the humanity in taking the life of an innocent, unborn child? An innocent unborn BABY!!

With all the alternatives and opportunities available to one in the present time  in which we live, abortion should be the last alternative.

 As a Mother, I literally shudder when I think of living my life without my two children. They have brought me such Joy (and not even to mention my five grandchildren in the mix), and I have no doubts whatsoever, that they are my two most precious gifts on this earth. As a Christian, I know they’re gifts from God and I’m so grateful, that when I think about these tiny, helpless, unborn babies, it just breaks my heart. I’m hoping you and yours will search your own hearts and if nothing else, please pray for a better solution for these helpless innocent babies.

Let us not ever forget: One unplanned pregnancy saved us all…!

This week, to all you Believers, let us all pray specifically and diligently for God to intervene in the horror that is back with a vengeance to besiege our nation in a way we cannot even imagine and may He have mercy on us all.

I felt led to repost this blog today, here at Christmas time. The Bible tells us how Mary, an unwed mother was chosen to give birth to the future King, Jesus Christ.

So, what if Mary had chosen NOT to have her baby?!!

This week, let’s all pray for all those Mothers-To-Be! May God have mercy on them, speak to them and ultimately change their hearts. Amen.

I love you,


PS: There Satan, take that!…and Thank You, Lord Jesus!

*A special “Thank You”, to Michaela & Lee Wilkins for their faith & love for the Lord. 

My novel, the spiritual thriller, “That Melvin Bray”, is available on Amazon



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