God Showed Me The Way

October 29, 2018

Welcome to my Monday Blog, my Friends!

Today I’m sharing a post from October, 2015 and hope it brings some insight and even Joy…we all have our problems, don’t we, my dears? The best advice I can give anyone is NEVER EVER NEVER GIVE UP…and of course, ALWAYS PRAY FOR A MIRACLE!!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I had an incredible evening in Atlanta, where I was the guest author of a large book club…the entire evening (7p-11p) was laced with pure Joy…there was a feeling of love floating in the air, and an obvious  look of peace and tranquility in everyone. We discussed my book, we laughed, we cried and we even shared a fabulous Italian dinner, compliments of the one and only “Ippolitos Italian Restaurant” (if you’ve read my book, you know all about Ippolitos!!).  Anyway, I also speak a lot about angels in my book and trust me, there were several angels there with us that night! I’ve had many book signings over the past few years, sharing my story of how Jesus changes everything and He has brought me such Joy at all of them…this one, however, I feel will become overwhelmingly historic and I’m so grateful!!

It’s amazing what God can do in our lives if we just sit back and feel His awesome Spirit working inside us!! I was truly so blessed to be a part of such an uplifting and curious group of readers that evening!

The question below is the ONE question I get at every single book signing event I attend and…it was also a question from a reader way back on October 25, 2015:

“I’d like to share a comment from “About the Author,” found on my website https://authormargaretmcbride.wordpress.com/, with you today…”

How did you find the courage to re-live such a devastating account of troubling memories of a childhood surrounded by fear and sadness within your own family? I envy your perseverance and ability to forgive the outrageous acts of cruelty that you and your siblings were forced to endure at the hands of your father.” ❤️

My reply:

“Hi dear Friend,
Ya know, that one question seems to come up more than any other when I’m discussing my book and I realize that until I started writing about my past, I had pretty much hidden it away — so far away in fact that I truly wasn’t consciously aware that I had been suffering my past my whole life. That, of course is why I referred to myself in the book as the “great pretender”. As I got deeper and deeper into the past, my heart and mind became friends and began to work together in the process of healing me. The more I wrote, the more I cried; the more I cried, the more I prayed for God’s mercy, guidance and spiritual healing. By the time I finished the book which took four years, all my prayers had been answered and I was able to come out of the dark and face it all once and for all. I was well aware that all this suffering was based on one fact: I had been so mad at my father my entire life that I had become emotionally, spiritually and even physically drained.
So, your question was, “How did you find the courage to relive all those devastating memories?”

My answer: “GOD SHOWED ME THE WAY – all the way to the very last word on the very last page of my book. It’s truly amazing too, that as painful as it was, I felt His presence and never once doubted for a minute that He was in charge of this project. I just put down one word at a time…word, after word, after word.”

My prayer for us all this week is… “Never cease praying and never give up on God because…God is Good. God is Great!! Always!!!

Bless you, my dears.

I love you,


PS My whole story is available on amazon in my novel, “That Melvin Bray”

2 thoughts on “God Showed Me The Way

    1. Margaret McBride

      Thank you, dearest!! YOU are one of those persons God gifted me with as a child. You’re an incredible special friend, you KNOW & UNDERSTAND my heart, and I love you with ALL
      of it – May your day be filled with JOY & Laughter – BOTH so good for the Soul🌻🌻🌻


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