My Inspiration For Writing “That Melvin Bray”

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October 31, 2017


Author Margaret McBride

Hi there!

I’m Margaret McBride, author of “That Melvin Bray”, loving sister, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother and resident of the wonderful state of Georgia. My husband Dan and I live in a small vibrant community just outside of Atlanta. I’m going to begin my blogging adventure by telling you my inspiration for writing my book.

Four years ago I was sick as dog and just simply could not get well. I’d been in bed for several weeks  and finally actually became depressed. One of my darling nieces thought a “good book” would help me, so she sent me a copy of a little book titled “The Shack”.   Well, I began reading it and within a couple of days I was feeling better. A few days later I felt like a new person—key word there, “new”. In case you haven’t read “The Shack”, it’s all about loss and forgiveness.

I’d been living the life of…

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