Happy Fourth of July—USAUSAUSAUSAUSA


Monday, July 4, 2016

Author Margaret McBride

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence…and what guts it took to live the life of a true Patriot?! Well, I believe today is the day to reflect upon this, as “reflection” is part of this country’s greatness!! Here’s the story with some very interesting facts you just may not know…

*Five signers were captured by the British as traitors and were tortured before they died.

*Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.

*Two lost sons serving in the Revolutionary Army & another had two sons captured.

*Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

They signed and they pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Just what kind of men were these 56, anyway?

*Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists.

*Eleven were merchants.

*Nine were farmers and large plantation…

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2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July—USAUSAUSAUSAUSA

  1. L.M.

    Happy 4th of July Margaret,
    Thank you so much for this important history lesson. The words that were carefully written by such brave and determined Patriots. Especially, in this day and time, when so many people take our rights for granted, believing that they will always have them, need to reflect on the powerful words of the Declaration of Independence:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness” (see Preamble 2.1 and 2.2).

    While reading your blog about the dedicated 56 men who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence, and because of their beliefs and love for this country, would suffer and die for these rights, I thought of the 12 Disciples of Jesus. Many of the followers of our Lord met horrible deaths and only because of their faith and refusal to reject Jesus Christ.

    Margaret, May God bless you and your family. Please continue to write your kind words, and always reminding us what is truly important in this world.

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hello L.M.
      Hallelujah & Amen!! I loved your comments and your wisdom—The comparison of “the brave 56 men” and “the devoted 12 disciples” is awesome! In actuality, our sweet Lord has Everyone’s back, doesn’t He?! The twelve disciples believed in Jesus with all their hearts and might as did the 56 patriots. Along the way, however, His followers may lose some battles here and there, but they will never lose the WAR!! When we know and cherish who died for us, there’s no question whose side we’re on and we’re willing to fight the enemy. AMEN!!
      Thank you, dear One.
      I love you,


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