Growing Jesus Into Perfection (Part III of IV)

Good Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Good Friday, to ALL of you, my wonderful Blogger-Friends!!

Today, is Good Friday and so appropriate that we are continuing with the Life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Love and prayers for you ALL, for a beautiful day and let’s ALL keep in mind what this incredibly historic day represents…Love, Margaret

Author Margaret McBride

Well, greetings to you all and a Happy Monday too!

Today, I’m continuing my blogging about the courageous life of Jesus, as He was continuing to grow into God’s perfection and all the while, growing into the young man who would become our King, the Saviour and the Light of the world…Hallelujah!!


“As Jesus worked in childhood and youth, He grew strong in body and mind. He tried to use all his powers in such a way as to keep them in health, that He might do the best work in every line. He lived in the home of a peasant – a poor man faithfully and cheerfully, He did his part in helping to support the family as soon as He was old enough. He learned a trade and worked in the carpenter’s shop with Joseph. In the coarse dress of a common laborer, He passed through the…

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