The Greatest Gift of All—Baby Jesus (Part I of IV)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Welcome to Monday Blog, Everyone!!

EASTER is almost here and I’m delighted to re-post my Easter Series! I hope you will all be blessed in way ways that only He can, as we revisit the life and death of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Happy Monday, Everyone!!

Starting today, I’ll be re-blogging my four-part Easter Series from last year. There’s nothing new, it’s the same old, incredibly wonderful story of Jesus, from His birth to His death. Since forgiveness is always my personal theme in our precious lives, and Easter is what forgiveness is all about—Jesus dying for our sins, not His, so we could be forgiven, I share this with you all, once again. We must never forget what Jesus did for ALL of us: He paid the greatest price of all, with His Life, for our forgiveness and here is His story…

Author Margaret McBride

Good morning, everyone!!

I’m so grateful to be here on this Monday morning blogging away as usual. Thank you, Jesus!!

Speaking of Jesus, baby Jesus in fact, is what today’s blog is all about. Ya know, some days I’ll be thinking of Jesus and what He means to me. I love Him so much and I become consumed with questions…like how can ANYONE not want to know Jesus if they have the opportunity? Is it just me?

I saw that movie, The Son of God, a couple of days ago and it was both so incredibly heart-wrenching and heart-melting, that I cried throughout the whole movie. When it was over, my sweet husband and I just sat there, trance-like for quite a while. We didn’t speak, we just sat there in deep thought.  What was interesting though, is that when we finally rose from our seats to leave, we realized the rest of the full theater…

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2 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift of All—Baby Jesus (Part I of IV)

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Thank you, my sweet and beautiful Friend!! We both love Jesus so much, Marilyn and I’m so grateful for YOU in my life, and so thankful to Him for making us possible. Hallelujah and Amen!! Love, Margaret


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