Chapter 24 – One Step at a Time

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy first Monday in November, Everybody!! And, it’s BLOG time—Welcome!

Hope you ALL had a fun & not too frightful Halloween weekend!! I did my usual Halloween dress-up skit which usually consists of over-the-top-make-up, really big eye glasses, gray/curly old-lady wig, and the worst outfit I can throw together and, of course, nothing matches; all this with the aid of an old broken cane, which forces me to bend over, half way to the floor. The only one I ever scare is me, naturally. All in all though, it’s always such a fun time and each year we seem to get a few new little faces to meet ‘n greet at the front door of the house of the infamous “old lady with too much make-up on…yeah, her!!”

Let’s go see what’s up with “That Melvin Bray”, shall we?


Chapter 24—One Step at a Time

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking.”                                      —Buddhist Proverb

Excerpts & Thoughts:

The next day when Katherine and Ballen arrived at Lizzy’s office, they were so anxious to get started with the sketches that it was a little difficult for Lizzy to contain them. Katherine said they hadn’t slept a wink the night before and didn’t want to waste a minute. It must have been ten minutes before Katherine realized she hadn’t even introduced Ballen to us.  She apologized, introduced Ballen, and, without taking a breath, urged Lizzy to show him the sketches depicting Katherine’s unconscious recollections from the day Rick went missing.

Katherine had told Lizzy the day before that during the three years of the ongoing investigation, neither she nor Ballen had ever been asked to work with a forensic artist at any time. Lizzy had explained to her that in the absence of any contradictory evidence, the investigators might have felt it wasn’t necessary or, even more likely, did not have the resources to do so at the time.

Actually, at that point, all we knew about the case, was that a little boy our age named Ricky had gone missing over thirty-five years ago and was still missing, and there were no clues from him or his abductor regarding the disappearance. But now, many years later, out of the blue, the Mother had identified her baby’s missing treasures, which Lizzy and I had found out of the blue at an unlikely time and place. Lizzy and I believed without a doubt that there was an inexplicable force at work, so as always, I trusted Lizzy —and so did Lizzy.

The evidence, as Lizzy and I referred to the sketches, consisted of six eleven-by-fourteen-inch full-color drawings with specific, detailed images, as described by Katherine.

Without conversation, Katherine picked up the sketches and divided them, and then the anxious, adoring parents quite naturally headed to the wingbacks. They sat down, and as  the good doctor had instructed, they began slowing studying the sketches one at a time, with obvious intent and hopeful expectations.  As we sat there and observed Katherine & Ballen, it was obvious they were making some discoveries.

She took the sketches from them, and then they all joined me a the table.

“As we drove over here today, Katherine and I were both concerned we may not be able to go through with this, Dr. Benis. For years now, we both have felt we let Ricky down. We never discussed it, but in our hearts, we were ashamed that we had lost all hope and just given up,” Ballen said as he lowered his head and stared at the floor.

“You’re being way too hard on yourselves. You did exactly what everyone else does in a situation like this. What’s done is done, and from this point on, if you’re open and willing, together we’ll move forward one step at a time.” Lizzy’s explanation seemed to comfort them both as they sat there clinging to her every hopeful word.

She had Katherine and Ballen’s total trust and confidence, and it had nothing to do with hypnotism. Although, I felt certain that Lizzy’s special technique and talent would prove invaluable before this unforeseen journey met its end.


It’s at this point in the story, when these two heart-broken souls realize that there just may be hope after all. Even a glimmer—which was more than they’ve ever had, since their beloved little boy went missing over thirty-five years ago.

We’re getting closer to some pretty incredible clues and Maggie and Lizzy will be discovering the undiscoverable…they’ve passed the point of No Return…it’s ON.  Heaven help them!!

So, I’ll see you ALL next week. Same time, same place!

Until then, remember…

“Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and hearts can do that.”           —Norman Peale

My prayer for you ALL today is that God will bless you in ways that only He can…even in supernatural ways…which only HE can!!

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!!

Love,                                                                                                                                                          Margaret

PS:  God’s Love—

Without Love we don’t feel anything.                                                                                               Without Dreams we don’t accomplish anything.                                                                           Without GOD, we aren’t anything.


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