Chapter 11 – The Twins

July 14, 2014

Good morning, everybody!! What a pretty Monday it is! I went out on the deck, listened to the birds, watched the squirrels and chipmunks chasing each other around and through the bushes and thought, ‘What a way to live’, such freedom … then I realized, I’m just as free as they are. Hallelujah!!

So last week, beginning on Friday, July 4th, a whirl-wind of events began to unfold and by Tuesday, July 8th, my family had experienced three deaths, one wedding and the loss of my younger cat (of two), “Sweetie’.

It just kept on coming! But what d’ya do? YOU KEEP ON GOING.

By now, I’m quite acquainted with death, however, the pain and emptiness I feel is always there when it happens, even though I may have even been expecting it; it still hurts like crazy!! My Mother has been gone now for seventeen years, but sometimes when I think of her, I still break down and cry because I miss her so much. This is life and this is normal. Mourning and grieving for our loved ones is what we do. However, God will step in and come to our rescue, for the Bible says:

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” – Matthew 5-4

… and I say, Hallelujah, thank you, Lord!!

My personal message here, is simply to tell you that when we’re faced with the loss of a loved one, and we think we can’t go on, we can; we can, because we are never alone. God is always here for us. Just talk to Him. XO

Today, from my book, “That Melvin Bray”, I’m going to introduce you to “The Twins”, Lillian and Lucy, and you’re gonna love them, I’m sure!


Thoughts and Excerpts –

Chapter 11 – The Twins:

“God doesn’t give you the people you want; He gives you the people you NEED…to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.” – Unknown

“In 1928, twins Lillian Fay and Lucy Mae O’Malley were born. They had two older brothers, Rory and Quinn. Rory was eight years older and Quinn six, so basically the twins only had each other as playmates since their brothers were much older. Papa and Grandma O’Malley separated when the twins were only four years old. Grandma left the children and Papa and went back to her family to live with them. Grandma O’Malley—Mae, as she was known—was a beautiful woman but was in fragile health.

Papa, a.k.a. Jesse O’Malley, was a tobacco farmer, and Rory and Quinn stayed with him and the twins and worked the tobacco fields with him until their late twenties, when they both got married and started families of their own. While growing up, they lived a meager life way out in the country and typical of that time, had no running water in their farmhouse; instead, they drank water from a spring about a quarter mile from the house.

At age five, the twins contracted typhoid fever from the spring water. This disease was serious, of course, considering the times and the limitations of medical treatment. The twins were sick for over a year but finally recovered. However, Lucy was not as fortunate as Lillian, and she would suffer various health issues for the rest of her life.

To make Lucy’s life even more challenging, another incident occurred shortly after they turned seven. She and Lillian were in the house one evening, cooking dinner for Papa and the boys, who were outside chopping wood and hauling water from the spring.

Yep, I said cooking. To say they all had a pretty hard life was a big, whopping understatement!

Anyway, a large pot of water and potatoes were boiling on the old woodstove, and Lucy was standing by the stove, reaching for another pot nearby, as Lillian was setting the table. Somehow the pot of boiling water fell over onto Lucy. She was scalded from her knees to her little toes. Lillian ran out and got Papa and the boys. Rory and Quinn wrapped Lucy in a blanket, and they all jumped in Papa’s old truck and drove thirty-five miles to the nearest hospital. Lucy was in pretty bad shape. During her recovery, she endured several skin grafts on both legs, and she didn’t walk again for over a year. She spent eight months in the hospital, and Grandma O’Malley and Lillian stayed at the hospital with her as much as possible.

One disturbing part of their upbringing was that the twins—my mother, Lillian, and Aunt Lucy—had a mother, my Grandma O’Malley, who was born into a family of considerable means. However, apparently Grandma’s parents didn’t feel any responsibility toward her four children, their own grandchildren! They stood by an watched them live in squalor-type conditions and endure great hardships, just to teach Grandma and Papa a lesson.

Shame on them! As it turned out, Mother got to go to school, but Aunt Lucy made it only to the seventh grade before quitting due to her chronic poor health. She absolutely loved school, and Mother was just s sad as Aunt Lucy when it became apparent that Aunt Lucy wouldn’t get to continue school.

As life went on, however, what made Aunt Lucy different also made her exceptional. She suffered and toiled for years with various acute and serious illnesses, and she constantly endured chronic pain.

She would tease us kids sometimes by saying, “Remember what they say about judging a book by the cover: looks can be deceiving, because this little ole body is hiding one good-looking woman on the inside!”

Disease and illness might have broken Aunt Lucy’s body, but they sure didn’t break her independent spirit. Somehow she could find the joy in the midst of some serious trials. She had an enormous respect for life and a willingness to simply live, which was an inspiration to us all. She and Mother loved each other something powerful, and there was a bond between the two of them that no doubt still exists today.”


Next week, you’ll get much better acquainted with Lizzy’s daddy, in
Chapter 12 – Charles Phillip Chillton II, aka “Chill”, and let me tell ya, he’s a trip!! When I was little, if anyone asked me what scared me the most, I’d whisper, “my daddy.”

My prayer for you ALL this week, is that if you don’t have PEACE in your heart, you’ll find out why.

GOD is Good.GOD is Great!!


NOTE: I’ve heard that to thrive in Life you need three bones:

1. A Wishbone
2. A Backbone
3. A Funny Bone


2 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – The Twins

  1. K.K.

    Hush…Listen…such an appropriate therapy for an aching heart…
    within the silence, comes reflection…
    with reflection…comfort, peace and hope for healing!

    1. Author Margaret McBride

      Oh, KK…How lovely, and more importantly, poignant: profoundly moving and touching. What a loving heart you have and I’m so grateful for your thoughtfulness at this time.

      Here, catch!! I just blew you a handful of kisses!! CHOCOLATE kisses!! You’re so sweeeeet!


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