CHAPTER 10 — Lillian Fay O’Malley

Monday July 7, 2014

Here’s to a great Monday to you all and a new week worth living the best you can… have at it!!

This past week and up until today, has been like a roller coaster ride! As of this am, my family/relatives have been dealing with three of our loved ones, who have been in various stages of illnesses for a while now. As of today, all three have been called onto that Mansion in the Sky. The Lord gives and the Lord takes in His own sweet time and “now” is His time for these three loved ones.

I thank Him for the time I have had with them and praise Him for the gifts they were to so many who knew them and loved them well.

Hallelujah and Amen.


Thoughts & Excerpts:

Chapter 10 – Lillian Fay O’Malley

“A mother is she who can take the place of others but whose place no one else can take.” – Cardinal Mermillod

“Two years later, in March of 1955, our Easter Sunday was a far cry from that sad prior Easter Sunday. We had no funerals to attend or perform, neither animal nor human, thank God!

The next Friday, Daddy went to work that morning and Mother that afternoon, as usual. Ole Chill finally got home about nine-thirty that night, and much to no one’s surprise, he was drinking. Two years of sobriety down the hatch.

“Well at least Mother only has a few weeks to go before she can take her maternity leave from work, and then she’ll be home with us all the time,” Lee said.

“So what? She can’t do anything with him; he’s as bad to her as he is to us.”
P.C. sighed.

Lu was quiet. She was so disappointed in Daddy.
By then, it was a little after eleven 0’clock, and they heard a car coming up the old dirt drive to the house.

“Damn him—he’s back!” Lee the Cusser yelled.
Lu went to the kitchen window and peeked through the curtain.
“No, it’s not him; it’s Mother, ” she said.

They opened the back door and watched Mother as she got out of her ride’s car and walked up the through the pear trees toward them.
“What’s wrong?” Mother asked.

“It’s Daddy,” Lu told her, and then she began to verbally paint a Dorian Gray picture of what had just happened with the moral leper, Mr. Hyde.

Daddy didn’t make it home again until Sunday afternoon. While he looked like one of the homeless under the old Rock Store Bridge, thankfully, he was sober. He didn’t talk to any of us but instead went upstairs and straight to bed. Mother followed him upstairs and closed their bedroom door.

She came back downstairs a few minutes later and handed Lu the car keys. She told P.C. to round up us kids. Apparently, Daddy had lost his paycheck in a poker game. He told her he was sorry and promised he’d get it back. Yeah, sure ya will big man.

Well, we all got in the car, and Mother gave Lu directions to a little brown house in the woods. When we got there, we saw several cars casually parked around the yard among the trees. Mother had been there once before with Daddy to pay a gambling debt. Lu parked the car, Mother and P.C. got out and walked up to the front door, and Mother knocked. A few minutes later, she knocked again. The door opened, and a really big, burly bearded man in overalls was sanding there.

It was obvious Mother was pregnant, and he glanced over and saw all of us all packed in the Chevy, which he knew belonged to Chill Chillton. He recognized Mother, smiled politely, and asked her what he could do for her. She was very calm and resolute as she told him she needed him to give her Chill’s paycheck back. He looked at her and P.C. and then glanced back over at the car once more. He had a serious look on his face and told Mother he would be right back. He closed the door, and Mother and P.C. just stood there.

A while later, Big Burly came back to the door, and he handed Mother Daddy’s paycheck—a big, whopping $120. But back then, that amount of money went a long way, as Mother would say. She took the check from BB, looked at it carefully, and looked back at BB. She smiled at him and thanked him, and then she and P.C. walked back to the car. They got in, Lu started the engine, and we went straight home.

We found Daddy still asleep—oh, happy day—and he didn’t get up until the next morning for work. Hey, just another lovely Sunday afternoon at the Chilltons’.

A few weeks later, a Saturday morning in mid-April, Lu and Ali were busy in the kitchen, making breakfast. Mother was upstairs resting because she was still working every day, and at six and a half months pregnant, she was beginning to tire more easily. She had planned to continue working for six more weeks because we certainly needed the money.

Daddy and P.C. were outside with Mr. Jennings, working on the old barn. Aunt Lucy had come over and was upstairs with Mother, and they were playing with Fay, who had just turned three. Lu asked Lee to go outside and call Daddy and P. C. in for breakfast. Lee, Paddy and I set the table and Aunt Lucy came downstairs with Fay. We all gathered at the big, round table in the kitchen, and Aunt Lucy told us that Mother would be down shortly and we should go ahead with breakfast.

Apparently, Daddy’s recent paycheck caper and “oops I fell off the wagon and I can’t get up” weekend had had a profound effect on Mother. As I think back now, I believe that the fact that she was pregnant again caused her for the first time to really see Daddy for what he had become, and she was noticeably indifferent to him. It wasn’t what she said to him but, rather, what she didn’t say to him.

“Today we call that estranged, right, Dr. Shrink, MD?” I said to Lizzy.
“Back then, we called it a good sign. Finally!”


Next week we’ll find out about “The Twins”. Two awesome women, Lillian Fay O’Malley and Lucy Mae O’Malley. These two suffered life in uniquely different ways, however, their enormous love for God and each other, created an unbreakable bond, allowing them to recognize the true Joy in Life. Lillian and Lucy counted their blessings each and every day and lived their lives with an attitude of gratitude.

Born only a few minutes apart, these two little girls were quite a pair!!
Next week!

I began today’s blog with death, but prefer to close it with Life. In “That Melvin Bray”, we read about death and the sadness it brings on those it affects; we also read about our greatest gift—Life, and the Joy IT can bring when we embrace it.

I choose Life…but at some point, death will inevitably take precedent. This is God’s perfect plan and that’s just the way it is—for ALL of us.

Until then, though, cherish your greatest gift and live IT the best you can. Why not? Life can be so wonderful when we choose to live it with an Attitude of Gratitude. Just do it.

GOD is Good. GOD is Great!


When something bad happens to you, you have three choices:

Let it define you,
Let is destroy you,
Let it strengthen you…

and remember: whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.


7 thoughts on “CHAPTER 10 — Lillian Fay O’Malley

  1. Mia bering

    What a woman… That Lillian fay Omalley:
    Kind and courageous, an incredible combination! I know someone else like that.
    I love this chapter. MB

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hi there MB!

      Yes, she was an awesome lady! I’m happy you have someone in YOUR Life you feel the same way about.

      It says much about YOU, that you are loving and kind enough to see such adoring traits in others.

      My prayers are with you this week as you experience whatever may be ahead of you and may you be blessed in unexpected ways.


      PS Come back soon.

  2. Dean Parks Parrish

    Thanks for your blog, I am reading it today in Punta Cana. I remember you as a child with such a pleasing and unique personality that It is not a surprise that you became a writer. May God bless you on this journey and stay close in times of grief. Thanks for sharing a down to earth and real book about life. My sister Marilyn Auman lent me your book when she visited me last. I live in Harrisburg, NC right outside Charlotte……

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hello, my sweet Dean!!

      Gosh, Marilyn & I have been talking about you for some time now and I’m so glad to hear from you personally! I remember you as well, quite vividly, actually. You were the prettiest and most delightful girl, and had the best attitude about everything – always the same sweet “greeter” when I was around you. You and your family were always kind and sweet to us. Thank you for that. I ‘m grateful you actually read my book and have taken the time to write me, Dean. Marilyn is an awesome friend and I love her very much. One of our best friends lives in Mt. Pleasant.

      Maybe when I visit her next, we can all plan to meet for lunch somewhere along the way. Thank you for your kind and loving thoughts and prayers. I sure need ’em!! Oh, and one other item I need – if you have a mind to, I would be most grateful for a review on Amazon Books. It really helps a new/unknown author; maybe I can do something for you sometime.

      Last, just know that this message from you today has meant more than you could know and YOU and yours are in my prayers.

      Much love, from my heart to yours…


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