July 2, 2014

Something to think about…

“NOBODY can go back and start a new beginning, but ANYONE can start today and make a new ending….”
—Inspiring Women

GOD is Good. GOD is Great!


PS Have you had your HUG today?

2 thoughts on “WHEN?—NOW!!

  1. Joyce

    Thanks, Doll! I am still improving. Started my water aerobics class today. Little sore in my neck & feet but that will pass! Love you and thanks so much for your prayers!

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      So glad to hear your latest good news!! This is all good stuff—keep it up. I love praying for your health, but at some point, I wanta pray for stuff like “Let Joyce win the lottery!! OK?

      Get Well!!

      I love you,


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