Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness


OK, it’s Monday again—Thank you, Jesus!! It’s also BLOG day for me. I love it! So, when I finish today’s blog, my hope is that I’ll leave you with something inspiring to spiritually ponder.

A few days ago, I saw today’s blog title in something I was reading and immediately became engaged with it. Just what does that mean to me? I asked myself. I wasn’t looking for a scientific conclusion; no, this was of the heart, spirit and soul. I was sure of it, because I was touched  emotionally when I first read the words.

Actually, I try things on personally, before I come to my conclusion in an effort to determine how “that”,  whatever that is,  may affect you, then hopefully I will be inspired and pass that inspiration onto you—from my heart to yours.

So as I continued in thought considering today’s blog title, and what it meant to me spiritually, I was reminded of that old 1946 classic movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, with Jimmy Stewart. Among other things, the movie is about divine intervention – (divine intervention: a term for a miracle caused by God’s active involvement in the human world).

The movie:  “It’s A Wonderful Life” – A guardian angel is sent to help a young businessman George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart),  who had dreams of becoming a big STAR in his small quaint hometown.  The movie opens with a playful depiction of angels in heaven discussing prayers they keep getting from mortals, about this young man in this small town who feels worthless, has given up on life and is about to jump off a bridge…literally. He’s lost, without an ounce of hope left and is certain there’s no way out but to take his own life. Among all the angel sitting up there in heaven with God, doing their own pondering about what to do with this poor lost fella on earth, there’s one Angel (Clarence) who is desperately trying to “win” his wings. He’s already a shining star in heaven, but there’s still the issue of his wings. So God sends Clarence on an earthly mission to win his wings. His mission: convince George Baily (Jimmy Stewart) that suicide is NOT the answer, thus ultimately saving his life. Clarence definitely had his work cut out for him but he needed his wings, so off he went to earth with God’s blessings.

After some spiritual pondering myself, I believe to shine as a star in God’s eyes, one must learn to live in darkness. What kind of darkness? The darkness at the bottom of an old well? No, not necessarily. I believe darkness comes in many forms, such as: sickness, pain, disease, debt, disaster, loss, hunger, turmoil, grief, legal problems, bad marriage, bad report card…these are all forms of darkness as we live and walk on this earth until our time to leave arrives. It’s how we deal with this darkness when it’s upon us, which determines if we will shine and become stars in God’s eyes. So, just how do we deal with darkness? Do we persevere, put our faith and trust in Him, and keep on going or do we become so burdened and distraught that we literally can’t see the light through the darkness? Do we lose it, go berserk, even consider checking out? So sad. So unnecessary. I know.

I believe that as unwelcome, distasteful and scary the darkness may be, we must experience it before we can truly SHINE in God’s eyes. To have peace and become Star-worthy on High, we must be obedient and put our faith and trust in Him, our loving and awesome Creator, to light our way out of the darkness.

“Peace isn’t the absence of the dark. Peace is the assurance of God’s presence in the midst of the dark.”  – Ann Voscamp

God is Good. God is Great!!

You can trust Him with everything. Try it.



PS  Clarence convinced Jimmy Stewart that his Life was indeed a wonderful Life and most important to God. He reminded him of all the good things he had done for his town, that so many depended on him and loved him no matter what. In the end, he did not commit suicide, he worked through the darkness and became a shiny star in God’s eyes and thankfully, Clearance got his wings.  Hallelujah!!

9 thoughts on “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

    1. Lynn

      After reading “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”, I would love to hear your thoughts on why some adults can make peace in their hearts and minds after living through the horrors of childhood abuse from a parent, and others can not. Your book, “That Melvin Bray” will help many in starting that process of survival, and finally peace. Thank you.

      1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

        Good morning, Lynn!

        Once again, you have posed a great question and again, I thank you!

        I’ll start off by telling you that Satan was working overtime this morning. I responded to your question much earlier, with what I thought was some God-inspired reflection and helpful insight for you. However, upon clicking onto “SUBMIT” to you, the devil grabbed up GOD’s work and sent it to hell, I suppose—he sure didn’t want YOU to receive it, plus, he was mocking our Savior! That really bugged me! No worries, though, God’s work cannot and will not be stopped;here I am again, right back at it, listening and waiting on the Lord.

        As I take a deep breath, relax and once again begin to ponder your question: “…why can some people make peace in their hearts and others cannot…”, I remember just how difficult it was for me to forgive my father after over fifty years of carrying that heavy grudge against him. Finally it became obvious to me that there was not, nor was there ever that “true peace in my heart” which you speak of in your question to me.

        Having read my book, That Melvin Bray, YOU know it’s all about forgiveness.

        When someone hurts us in any way, physically or emotionally, we have only one choice if we want to move away from that hurt and pain: we must FORGIVE them.

        The Perpetrator – the one causing the pain (must ask for forgiveness, but may not))
        The Victim – the one receiving the pain (must give forgiveness, but may not)

        Guess what? In the eyes of God, there’s not one bit of difference in these two.
        They both are God’s children. None of His children are perfect; God knows this and that is precisely
        why He sent Jesus, His only begotten Son to earth to endure the horror of death on the Cross.

        Why? To forgive us all of our sins and to offer us everlasting life—Eternity with God in Heaven.

        Jesus didn’t even know us; we weren’t even born yet! But He was an obedient Son and He obeyed His heavenly Father and did what He was told to do. Satan taunted Him and tried to talk Him out of it, but Jesus cast him away and stood fast with His heavenly Father, and went straight to the Cross—For all of us. Thank You Jesus!!

        The bottom line, Lynn, is pretty much this: Like Jesus, we too are God’s children and we too, are expected to honor and obey Him. Among the vast differences between us and Jesus though (if only we WERE more like Him), is that God gave us our own Free Will. It is that Free Will that makes us or breaks us. We have Free Will to choose to obey and honor God, our heavenly Father, Creator and Savior.

        This brings me back to your question of why some can make peace in their hearts and others cannot: I believe as human beings with our awesome Free Will which God has granted us, often prevents us from obeying Him. We get so mired up in our own pain and misery when someone hurts us, that we just refuse to let go of the “WHO DONE IT” part, forgive them and literally get on with our lives. Who are we hurting when we do this?

        It just seems to me, that God would never have asked Jesus, His only begotten Son, to give up His precious gift of Life for the entire rest of the world in the name of FORGIVENESS, if FORGIVENESS wasn’t something of the utmost importance to God.

        God isn’t asking us to lay down our life for Him on a cross—Thank God!! However, He IS asking us through our own Free Will, to accept Him as our Savior, honor Him and obey Him. If we claim to be His child, then honoring and obeying Him must include FORGIVENESS!

        As He hung there dying on the Cross, Jesus said: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

        I know to err is human, but to willingly refuse to bestow forgiveness to someone…for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, no matter what, is just a major insult to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

        When we’re unable to Shine in the Darkness, here are some tools to help us:

        “For if you forgive others their forgiveness, your heavenly Father will forgive you.” Matthew 6:14

        “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not and you will not be condemned; forgive and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37

        “Ask and it will be given to you.” Matthew 7:7

        “And all things you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” Matthew 21:22

        God is Great. God is Good!!

        Go with God, Lynn, He loves you.

        I do too,

  1. Author Margaret McBride

    Hey there, Marilyn!

    How are you, my dear friend and lover of Life and God?
    I’m so grateful to you for caring enough for me to share your heart felt feelings!
    What a lovely sweet spirit you are filled with from head to toe!
    You are such a blessing to all those who have the JOY of having you in their lives.
    And lucky ME— I’m one of them!!

    Love and happiness to you and yours, today and always…

  2. don purvis

    That was wonderful too read on my birthday and the movie was made in 1946 the year I was born made it more special.the way you write comes from the heart.there are alot of messages too people that read this and many need it. May God bless you this year.may I ask you too add me too your friends list wrote a book on my life and the struggles and how God worked miracles in my life.thanks

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hello, Don!!
      First, I hope you had the best Happy Birthday ever! Next, I thank you for your open, honest and heart-felt comments about my writing as well as your own. It sounds to me as if YOU too, have a story you desire to share and have the need to get it OUT once and for all…I understand. As you probably know (by some of my released comments), it took me four years from start to publish. From my own experience with my book, THAT MELVIN BRAY, I humbly suggest you hire a personal editor to assist you in getting your vision down and as tight as possible, before approaching anyone to publish it in book form. This is what I did after taking the advice of a close friend who is also a NY Times Best Selling Author of several books.

      Once this is done, just Google your heart out searching publishers and even self-publishers.
      Learn about the business and the process. It’s a big world out there, with much competition; however, if you want YOUR story told in book form, then YOU must be wiling to work for it (I have no doubt you are). Another little piece of my humble advice: PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!!

      May the mighty force of God be with you, Don, on this personal journey of yours, my friend!


      PS: One more thing to remember: Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness!!

  3. Mia bering

    Hi just plain margaret!
    I love the title of your last blog! Ain’t it the truth? In this world we define ourselves and others by our differences. I think because we live in a universe that is held together by this mystery : a great paradox.
    We see it over and over. I like this one:

    Joy lives in the curves of sorrow in our hearts.

    Your writing and your vision and understanding of life and our shared spiritual journey as humans
    helps bridge this gap of separatist or oppositional thinking we can all get stuck and get sick in.
    Forgiveness and love are the bridge – you know this and I am grateful you are so passionately committed to spreading the word!!!

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hi again, Mia!

      It’s always fun to get back to my BLOG page and find a comment from YOU!! You have a marvelous way with words. I really enjoy your deep conceptual thinking; and yet, your loving and kind expressions keep it “real”. My prayer for you Mia, is that Jesus will continue to bless you and your family in ways that only HE can.

      Come back soon!

  4. Author Margaret McBride Post author

    Reblogged this on Author Margaret McBride and commented:

    Monday, December 7, 2015

    Hi Everyone…Happy Monday and welcome to my Blog!

    I know we all have Christmas on our minds and that’s why, among a couple of other reasons, I’m re-blogging today’s Blog from last year. For those of you who have read it, hopefully you’ll enjoy it again, I did. I love this story…not because I wrote it, it’s just a good little story with a BIG message for all of us. Have a beautiful week, my Friends!!


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