Just Plain Margaret

Happy Monday, my Friends!

So this is my first Blog of the New Year. I’ll use it as I have in the past, as an introduction to me, Margaret McBride, aka, “The Great Pretender”. Many of you know all about me; however, newcomers to my Blog arrive almost daily, so indulge me when I repeat myself. By the way, it gives me great pleasure to be here in this very moment sharing my heart and thoughts with all of you, as we begin our sixth year together. May we all be blessed in the ways only He can in this New Year!

Who is Margaret McBride, anyway?

The “Great Pretender”, that’s who! At least that’s what I’ve finally come up with to describe myself in my book, after seventy+ years of walking this Earth; however, a couple of years ago I changed that to my new handle—”Just Plain Margaret”. Since “That Melvin Bray” was published in 2014, I no longer pretend. OK, I admit it, I still pretend or dream at least, that I’m going to win the biggest Lottery Jackpot ever. I just can’t help myself…who knows, maybe I will.

While writing my book though, I made-up with myself and put the past where it belongs. I’m comfortable in my own skin now. I’ve been happy and I’ve been sad, but happy is so much better!! Ya know, we can actually choose to be happy – It’s up to us.

After High School I moved from North Carolina to Washington, D.C., where I got my first real JOB and I loved it. It was a huge camera shop with a photo finishing lab which serviced the Pentagon. I met a lot of influential people and made a lot of friends in high places. Gosh, I was only nineteen years old, but I was short ‘n cute and blessed with the gift-of-gab, which was a God-given tool that worked in my favor. Then one of those “high-places” friends hooked me up with a big ad agency in DC  for an audition for a leading part in a national TV ad campaign. Well, wouldn’t you know I got the part and married the director. We left DC and moved to Atlanta.

Fast forward: I was “married for over ten years with two kids”, then that changed to “divorced with two kids”—not my favorite description of myself, but necessary—for everyone. Life goes on.

Then I met husband #2 and we’ve been just plain happy together for over thirty years now and live twenty miles outside Atlanta. We have five grandchildren ages 10 to 29 and I have two words which describe those kids just perfectly: Totally Awesome!! Seriously, aren’t ALL grandchildren “totally awesome”?!

I’ve had a wonderful time these past thirty years in a variety of personally rewarding situations. I spent several years working in the country music industry managing artists and concert-touring all over—in and out of the country; quite an experience on many levels of life. It was both demanding and rewarding at the same time; shoot, I loved it but thankfully I  knew when it was time to get outta’ Dodge and just go home, lie down and get eight-straight for once in a decade! It sure was fun, but quite an adjustment getting back into the real world. Trust me, show business is NOT the real world!

I took a couple of years off, then jumped into the world of commercial real estate in a booming town. Worlds apart from the unreal world or celebrity-isim, but still an exciting and challenging change for me. After several years, I retired from the “outside” world and entered the “Inside/Me” world and began writing my first novel, “That Melvin Bray.”

Along the way on my professional journey, I’ve had to let go of many loved ones.
This too, is part of the “life goes on” in one’s life. In my case, in each passing, I said “I sure am going to miss You, but until we see each other again, look after me, will ya’? … to my incredible Mother, Father, two crazy-funny brothers, two really-cool sisters, best aunts, favorite uncles, sweetest niece, wonderful in-laws, awesome sister-in-law, my very special brother-in-law (who was the minister who baptized me), and several dear friends. The grief and pain from these separations were so great at times, and my heart so full of sorrow and loss, that I felt lost myself. But life goes on and if we choose to move forward and embrace what we still have here and are yet to receive, we may find that God bestows us with numerous incredible gifts! So it really does matter how we choose to “see” our own unique situation. The glass is definitely not always “half empty”, ya know?

Since wrestling with my own broken heart and personal dreams, I’ve learned to cherish and honor as much of every day as I possibly can. I’m human though, and sadly there are many times I fail miserably, but He always picks me up and points me back in the right direction…His glorious path to righteousness.

“Make me know Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths. – Psalm 25:4

Pray this each morning and you’ll see your way through all kinds of challenges! Trust me…no, TRUST Him!!

Have a great week and a fabulous New Year, my dears!

I love you,

❤️Just Plain Margaret

PS I’m working on my second novel; however, if you haven’t read my first book, check it out on Amazon – “That Melvin Bray”, a spiritual thriller –


11 thoughts on “Just Plain Margaret

  1. mia

    I love that you became a writer later in life … then there is still hope for me and my aspirations to write a children’s book. You are an inspiration to me. I loved your story and your writing style- it’s original and captivating. And I also think it’s amazing and courageous that you took your life experiences and did something with them in such a creative way that it helped you grow and heal while also helpings others!! Way to go Plain ol’ Margaret!!!

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Thank you, M.B. What wonderfully kind and inspiring words you have for me! However, YOU are an inspiration to ME!! Believe me, I have a good feeling about you and your goals for a children’s book and I have just one little piece of advice for you: Just do it!! XO

  2. Marilyn Auman

    Doll, I am enjoying reading your book, like I said on the review the first few chapters could have been my story. I have been reading some parts to my sister Dean on the phone and she wants to read it too when I visit her in March for her birthday.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Asheboro on the 22nd.
    Did I say how proud of you I am? Well I am!
    Blessings to you as always,


    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      My dear Marilyn! Yes, we do have a lot in common, don’t we? Thanks for sharing “That Melvin Bray” with the lovely Christ-follower, “Miss Dean”. I’m so delighted the two of you are with me on this exciting journey and it means so much to have your blessings!! Thank you, my sweet friend.
      See you at the book-signing…I can’t wait!! XO

  3. T.Putman

    What a creative, and Inspiring new author! I tremendously enjoyed your story, especially the southern dialect of the characters. You embraced your past to continue on with your new journey into writing. It seems as though you released your demons and welcomed angels into your life. I’m looking foreword to your next book.


    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hello there, Ms. T. Putman!!

      Thank you so much for the wonderful praise and I’m thrilled you like my little story and cast of characters!

      You pretty much summed me up to a tee. Yes, my demons got bored with my positive attitude and went south…waaay south, and welcoming the angels was the best thing I ever did. I feel certain God told them “watch out for this one, she needs a lotta work!”

      After finishing my book, I’ve realized that with God, all things are possible and eventually they fall into the proper place. Until that time, the proper time, I find the humor in the confusion, embrace and live each moment, believing everything happens for a reason. HIS reason. I admit that this is not always the easiest path, but I’m certain it is THE path…for me.

      Do you remember that Johnny Nash song, “I Can See Clearly Now”? Check it out, I’m convinced the lyrics were written just for me. Kidding of course, but it’s a great “recovery” song for coming out of the dark and into the light.

      I’m working on my next book, but that’s all I can say for the moment, as I have a long way to go. I appreciate your comment in that regard too and it inspires me.

      Please come back and visit me here and let me learn more about you and yours.


      God is Great. God is Good.

  4. Fay

    You are everything but plain my dear friend! Reading this explains a lot! LOL 🤣 You have so many fields of experience to draw on that have made you into the amazing woman you are. I think maybe by the time you’re finished your next book I might be prepared … then again, maybe not! Just when I wrap my thinking around a concept in That Melvin Bray you pull a zinger and surprise us all. I love you “not so plain” Margaret. I pray that in every way you may prosper and enjoy good health, even as your soul also prospers. (3 John 1:2) 💞🤩👍✝️🙏

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      On my, Miss Fay!! You lift me up so High, I never wanta’ come down!! You’re one of the most inspiring Children of God, He has ever blessed me with and I do know how “special” I am – in the sense that God loves us all the same, in ways we may never understand – in such unique ways that fill each of us with His mighty power and goodness. I can’t help but believe that YOU are in the VIP Section and God knows what I mean; He also knows the depths of my love and admiration for YOU! My prayer for You, dear Fay, is always one of “Thanks & Gratitude”…
      as in “My heavenly Father, I give You thanks and gratitude for favoring ME with Your precious gift I call “Fay” and may I always be worthy of this precious Gift.”

      I love you, Fay. May He continue to comfort you and watch over you and yours.


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