My Inspiration For Writing “That Melvin Bray”

Hi there!

I’m Margaret McBride, author of “That Melvin Bray”, loving sister, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother and resident of the wonderful state of Georgia. My husband Dan and I live in a small vibrant community just outside of Atlanta. I’m going to begin my blogging adventure by telling you my inspiration for writing my book.

Four years ago I was sick as dog and just simply could not get well. I’d been in bed for several weeks  and finally actually became depressed. One of my darling nieces thought a “good book” would help me, so she sent me a copy of a little book titled “The Shack”.   Well, I began reading it and within a couple of days I was feeling better. A few days later I felt like a new person—key word there, “new”. In case you haven’t read “The Shack”, it’s all about loss and forgiveness.

I’d been living the life of a Christian since I was eleven years old—quite a long time, since I had just turned sixty-two while sick. However, until I got sick and read that little book, I was unable to admit to myself that I was not only physically sick, but suffering spiritually as well. A sick soul is a sad soul, believe me.  As I began to get in touch with my heart, I also continued my physical recovery. Then I began writing a personal journal asking myself what was really wrong with me.

That’s when I realized that I’d been carrying around this huge grudge against my father, an abusive alcoholic. For many years, my Mother, my siblings and I lived the kind of life no one wants to talk about. There were bundles of love and joy between Mother and us kids, however, my father was a terrifying experience to endure.

As a result of “The Shack”, I was able to finally get in touch with myself, heart and mind working together, to uncover the secret I had hidden so long ago and so deeply in my heart—the fact that I had never forgiven my father. Honestly, I don’t think I was ever even aware of this fact.

That’s when I realized that my life had been missing something for many years and while reading the book, it became crystal clear to me what it was, and that I had to change that in order to truly claim my life, the greatest gift God had ever given me—Life, itself! So I began to walk on my own road to forgiveness.  That’s when I took my little journal and turned it into a book, “That Melvin Bray”.

My heart is abundantly lighter now, because I have forgiven my father…I know it and God knows it. How do I know, you ask? Well, now when I think of my daddy, I will imagine a time when he was NOT full of alcohol and anger…yes, there were only a few of those times, but enough to hold on to, and then I feel a smile spreading across my face. That’s how I know I have finally forgiven my father.

This week let’s all think about who we need to forgive and consider this: we are the winners when we forgive and if you’re not sure about this, then just go and FORGIVE someone and you’ll see. Amen!

GOD is Good! GOD is Great!! Always!!!

I love you,


My novel, “That Melvin Bray” , a spiritual thriller is available on Amazon:


5 thoughts on “My Inspiration For Writing “That Melvin Bray”

  1. Mary

    Dear Margaret,
    Knowing your reason for writing That Melvin Bray makes your fantastic book even better! I have often heard of the sadness and physical sufferings that unforgiveness causes, and It makes me glad to know the vibrancy and joy of soul that forgiving your father has brought to you. Thank God you can remember the sweeter times. May He bless you incredibly for bringing Him glory.

    1. Author Margaret McBride Post author

      Hello there, KK!
      Thank you for your question, which is both a good AND funny question, since in my case I started out with a bad cold, runny nose and the last thing on my mind was writing a book!! However, I know personally what a sense of humor God has and he certainly used it on me that day over four years ago. Through His divine intervention, as I lay there nursing my terrible bad cold, I received a copy of The Shack, which is a wonderful little book all about forgiveness. Well, unbeknownst to me, at the time, that book was God’s message to me that I had work to do on a soul level and wouldn’t you know…it was all about forgiveness! Basically what happened next was me starting a journal of a list of those in my life whom I had not forgiven for whatever. This list boiled down to one person—only ONE! It was then that I realized my little journal was turning into a book about forgiveness. It never occurred to me that I couldn’t write a book, I just started writing and continued for the better part of four years and when I was finished I had a great feeling inside me that I’d never had ever-it was the feeling that caused me to know and embrace the fact that I loved my father and I wasn’t angry at him anymore; I had finally forgiven him. It only took me sixty years to achieve this wonderful feeling…better late than never, right? My advice to anyone who thinks they may want to try writing a book is simply this: we all have something inside us – guiding us – our higher selves, God in us – whatever you label it…I say simply, listen to the message, believe in yourself, sit down and BEGIN!! It’s truly amazing what we can do if we just make up our minds to do it.



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